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Report: WWE has given the Cesaro/Tyson Kidd tag team a name

To the delight of many, here at cSs and all over the internet, WWE is reportedly keeping the tag team of Cesaro and Tyson Kidd together as a unit moving forward.

Though they were born of the same "Creative has nothing for you" drive that's given us Slater Gator and Rybaxel, it's unprecedented for two performers with as much in-ring talent or as rabid an online and hardcore fan following as the Hart Dungeon graduate and the Swiss Superman to be bundled for the tag team division.

Whether that internet wrestling community love with continue to follow them with the name they have reportedly been given remains to be seen.

According to a news item on from earlier today, Cesaro and Kidd have been introduced at recent house show appearances as "The Masters of the WWE Universe".

As an early adopter of the Swingin' Cats moniker, this name doesn't do too much for me, even if by squinting I can see the allusion to the former United States champion's old tag team from his independent days, The Kings of Wrestling.

One possible upside might be if Natalya starts escorting to them to the ring dressed as She-Ra.

Of course, if these kind of antics keep up, they can call them just about whatever they want and I'll still be tickled - even before they step in the ring.

GIFs via The Anvilette's Tumblr

Your thoughts on the "Masters" name, Cagesiders?

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