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Kevin Nash arrested following fight with son

TMZ is bringing us bad/unfortunate news from the world of WWE and pro wrestling once again.

This time, it's a report that WWE Legend Kevin Nash was arrested early this morning following the police being called to his Volusia County, Florida home shortly after midnight on Christmas Eve.

The inciting incident apparently involved a physical altercation with his 18 year old son Tristen.  Nash was arrested, the story alleges, because his face was bloody when the cops arrived following an initial call about a domestic incident on the property.

Another 911 call came in a couple of hours later, this one stating that Tristen was attacking his mother, Tamara.  The police arrested the son for battery when they responded to that report.

Unsurprisingly, law enforcement sources told TMZ that alcohol was most likely a factor.  Their story specifies a charge for the son's arrest, but only that the Magic Mike and John Wick actor was taken into custody.

WWE, which still has a contract with Nash, will probably wait for more information to come in before deciding how to apply the zero tolerance policy on domestic abuse that they publicized in October in the wake of the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson crises in the National Football League.

More as this develops, Cagesiders.

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