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Sean Rueter's Cageside Evaluation

We took a break from evaluating wrestlers today to stand Cageside's second-in-command, Sean Rueter, up in front of the firing squad. I'm happy to report he made it out unscathed.

Instead of trends, we'll go with top comments.

What you love:

  • jordan.saleh: He is the only guy in the world who still loves his boss no matter how many times he is fired. But Geno and Sean are a dynamic duo who can contend for the tag belts. Plus L.A.H.O.F. is fun, and NXT Recaps.
  • The Bong from Tamland: Very intelligent and articulate. Makes solid points in his articles as well as when he participates in the comment threads. Generally seems easygoing and laid back.
  • Plan R: The Crockett to Geno's Tubbs, His NXT coverage, His deep Barry White like voice (which indecently sounds super freaky on my Bose Noise Canceling headphones, Seriously Sean makes the base drop), he makes me feel young by being so old, The way his cat upstages him on the Like a House of Fire videos, his inability to remain fired.
  • Patrick Topor: That Sean constantly wrestles with his humanity/ethics vs his wrestling fandom. I had similar battles throughout mine so reading/listening to those has helped me sort through my own issues. He's definitely the member of the Cageside team that most reminds me of myself. He also puts up with lots of the crap jobs around here with little to no public complaint. Just a genuinely good guy.
  • lepsaxon: Sean's NXT recaps played a HUGE part in my getting hooked on it.
  • caseyfiore: As handsome as a young James Garner. Sean is ever vigilant about calling WWE on their sexist bullshit, and has similarly little time for Vince McMahon's other retrograde social insensitivities, but I've also noticed he is honest enough to acknowledge that sometimes the divas are sexy, and that's not a bad thing. I dig that. Sean has a very artistic perspective on pro wrestling that is never obnoxious, because he's also very grounded about it and just says "fuck it" when we're forced to deal with WWE's silly nonsense. Sean has an excellent grasp of the moral qualities of character development and very thoughtfully articulates why many of WWE's storytelling decisions are counterproductive to their alignment goals. Sean appears to be a big fan of The Big Lebowski. I own enough t-shirts with the Dude and Walter's faces on them to dress myself indefinitely with weekly laundry trips, so I think we might be best friends if we actually met.


What you loathe:

  • The Bong from Tamland: A bit too smarky at times. I have the same problem with some episodes of his video series that I do with the Rosenberg and Shoemaker podcast- It sounds like he's trying to look at it from an insider's PoV and the fan in him gets lost sometimes. Speaking purely as a matter of personal preference, that kinda stuff irks me. I prefer it when people's reviews reflect more markdom than smarkdom. I'm not knocking Sean or anything. I get that watching as much wrestling as he does and having to write about it will do that to you, but just that it's not my cup of tea. That's why I enjoy Geno's recaps a lot more than Sean's video recaps. Despite writing about it for a living and generally being very active on the internet, Geno never quite comes across as a smarky smark, which Sean tends to do sometimes.
  • Effervesce: He lost count of episodes of Like a House Afire a long time ago.
  • Bish Bash Falls: His typos. C'mon, Sean, those little mistakes add up!
  • Mrs. Black: That I may have to duel him at dawn for Geno's affection, since he won't stay fired.
  • GrecoRomanGuy: Geno's totally firing this guy once he reads the comments.

Hey, Sean. That wasn't so bad, right? You read all that and are probably feeling great, huh? Well, I've got just two words for ya.

You're fired.

Thanks, Cagesiders! Back to normal when Doors returns from vacation.

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