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WWE Survivor Series draws 103,000 buys on pay-per-view

Despite Survivor Series being available for free on the WWE Network, it still drew more on traditional pay-per-view than Hell In A Cell did one month prior.

Everywhere obviously doesn't include the UK!
Everywhere obviously doesn't include the UK!
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Earlier this week, WWE updated their key performance indicators for the year, which revealed that Survivor Series drew roughly 103,000 buys on pay-per-view, which was composed of approximately 33,000 North American buys and 70,000 international buys.

Notably, this was up from the prior month's Hell In A Cell event, which did 21,000 domestic buys and 56,000 international buys for a total of 77,000 purchases. This increase is somewhat surprising given that the WWE Network was offered to new subscribers for free for the whole month of November. So what does this mean?

Clearly, there still remains a substantial number of WWE fans who either can't get the WWE Network in their country (like the United Kingdom, India, China and Germany) or choose not to for whatever reason (an aversion to new technology, a lack of access to high speed broadband Internet, Canadians who use an alternative cable provider to Rogers Communications, etc). More of these fans bought Survivor Series than Hell In A Cell.

Thus, there was clearly strong interest in the stipulation laden Team Authority vs. Team Cena main event of Survivor Series. It also didn't hurt that the news was leaked that Sting would make his WWE debut on the show a few days before that monumental occurrence happened.

So, perhaps counterintuitively, the fact that Survivor Series did so well on traditional pay-per-view may be a positive sign that the free month could have attracted a considerable amount of new sign-ups to the WWE Network. Whether they were converted into paying customers to the service in December remains to be seen, however.

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