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Ring of Honor announces Alberto Del Rio's first two opponents

We knew he was coming, now we know who he'll face.  And it's a very interesting mix of longtime coming dream match and up-and-coming superstar.  The man most knew as Alberto Del Rio from his days in WWE is all set to join a new U.S. based promotion when he debuts under his new name Alberto El Patrón for Ring of Honor (ROH) next month.

On January 3rd in Nashville, at the television tapings that will also feature Adam Cole discussing his health status, Alberto will face ROH and TNA legend, the Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels.

Then, on January 30th in Dearborn, Michigan, matchmaker Nigel McGuinness has paired up El Patrón against one of the hottest acts in ROH or anywhere on the independent circuit, ACH.

This pair of first time ever match-ups give us a bit of a glimpse into ROH's plans for the former WWE champ, but not too much of one.  Daniels has been a face in the tag scene, as he and Frankie Kazarian's Addiction team have battled with reDRagon and The Young Bucks - but all of the teams in that division act somewhat heelishly while getting a lot of love from the fans for their workrate, so it can be hard to tell on alignments.

ACH has definitely played a técnico through his feuds with former Adrenaline Rush partner Tadarius Thomas and with Television Champ Jay Lethal (the high flier may in fact be TV champ by the time he faces AEP, since he's in a triple threat for the strap at the tapings in Nashville).

We'll be treated to some good wrestling while the bookers figure it out, and hopefully they'll do it before his anti-WWE pop wears off and some fans remember they sat on their hands for him when he was a Vince McMahon employee.

What do you all think of these match-ups?  How do you think Alberto El Patrón will fare in ROH...and with ROH fans?

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