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WWE TLC 2014 results, live streaming match coverage (Dec. 14): John Cena vs. Seth Rollins

WWE TLC is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., Dec. 14, 2014) from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio at 7:00 p.m. ET, live on the WWE Network. You may also be able to watch this on pay-per-view (PPV) if your cable provider is carrying the event. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of TLC below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing! (Reminder: GIFs, pics, and links to illegal streams are not allowed in this thread. Offenders will be banned.)



John Cena def. Seth Rollins
Bray Wyatt def Dean Ambrose
Nikki Bella def. AJ Lee
Dolph Ziggler def Luke Harper
Big Show def Erick Rowan
Ryback def. Kane
The Usos def Miz/Mizdow (DQ)
Rusev def. Jack Swagger
The New Day def. Gold & Stardust



BaconStrips here. Let's break something


Preshow: The New Day vs The Dust Bros

This was a fine tag match that was quite marred by the constant and completely irrelevant commentary from the three stooges at ringside. The New Day gets the win with the Midnight Hour.

Result: The New Day def The Dust Bros


Show is LIVE

Video package promoting the Human Demolition Derby known as TLCS.

Pyro and ballyhoo, and this show is officially rolling


Luke Harper vs Dolph Ziggler (Ladder match for Intercontinental Championship)

  • Before the match starts, Ziggler, the hometown boy, gets a massive pop.
  • The two start with a brief scuffle, after which both leave the ring to grab some ladders. As they're outside, Harper kicks Ziggler and throws him into a ladder.
  • Harper drags Ziggler to and eventually throws him into the timekeeper's area. Harper tries to climb the ladder, but Ziggler catches up and pushes the ladder down. Unfortunately, Harper lands on his feet and boots the hell out of Ziggler.
  • Harper bridges a ladder between the ring and announce table and positions Ziggler for a powerbomb. Ziggler wiggles out and pushes Harper away. As Ziggler runs to Harper, Harper slams Ziggler HARD onto the floor. He then pushes Ziggler into another ladder for good measure.
  • Harper goes for the title again, but Ziggler is able to catch up again. He tries to get some offense in, but Harper overpowers him to the ground. After this, Harper pushes a ladder onto Ziggler.
  • Ziggler tries to mount and capsize a ladder onto Harper, but Harper is able to dropkick Ziggler off the top rope onto the floor. A moment later, Harper tosses the ladder onto Ziggler.
  • Ziggler starts to get up and brings a ladder up with him. As Ziggler gets up, Harper starts to attempt a suicide dive. However, as Harper goes through the ropes, he meets the ladder with his head. As Ziggler goes down, so does Harper and the ladder. That looked brutal.
  • Ziggler attempts to take advantage and get the IC Title, but Harper is able to catch up and tip over the ladder, sending Ziggler into the ropes.
  • Harper tries to set Ziggler up for another powerbomb attempt, but Ziggler is able to escape again and dropkick Harper, who lands on the ladder. Despite the counter, Harper is able to eventually powerbomb Ziggler on a ladder set up in the corner on the second rope.
  • Ziggler's battle scars are shown as the crowd tries to cheer him on. This does not faze Harper, who whiplashes Ziggler into the second rope while a ladder is positioned on him. This causes Ziggler to bleed from the forehead.
  • The ringside doctor tries to patch up Ziggler, but Ziggler pushes him away as he rushes to catch Harper, who was climbing for the title. The two brawl until the ladder gives way, causing both to crash down. Harper is now bleeding from the arm.
  • Harper attempts ANOTHER powerbomb on a flat ladder. However, Ziggler is able to counter this into a facebuster onto the ladder. Ziggler goes for the title, but Harper pulls him down. Despite this, Ziggler is able to quickly turn this into a huge DDT.
  • Harper puts a ladder on his head a-la Terry Funk and grazes Ziggler with it. Ziggler counters with a superkick. A scuffle later, and Ziggler is able to hit Harper with a ladder, which sends him crashing onto the bridged ladder.
  • Ziggler tries to get the title, but Harper miraculously catches up to him and pushes the ladder down. I can't tell if Ziggler hit his head, but it looked brutal. A "this is awesome" chant breaks out after this.
  • Ziggler rides a ladder to get from a corner to the set-up ladder. Harper tries to catch Ziggler by setting up a second ladder beside him. Despite this atttempt, Ziggler kicks Harper, sending him crashing to the ground. Ziggler is able to get the title for the win.

Result: Dolph Ziggler defeats Luke Harper to gain the Intercontinental Championship

Excellent showing that both men will definitely feel in the morning.


The Usos vs The Miz/Damien Mizdow (Tag Team Championship)

  • The Miz immediately takes control of Jimmy Uso as the crowd almost immediately starts chanting for Mizdow.
  • The Usos go for a double suplex on Miz, and Mizdow perfect mimics the suplex in the corner. It is clear why we are watching this match.
  • Miz takes control and asks the crowd if they want Mizdow, but Miz continues his selfish, A-list ways to the crowd's dismay. This pandering almost costs Miz the match.
  • An Uso gets a hot tag, and takes control of the match (Miz didn't even try to tag Mizdow). The Uso lines Miz up for the butt block in the corner as Mizdow assumes the position on the other side. A bit of comedy ensues until the Uso nails Miz.
  • Eventually, Miz hits an Uso with the Skull-Crushing Finale and tries to put the other into the Figure Four. However, the other is able to reverse into a modified half-crab, which Miz is only able to break by reaching the ropes.
  • The rest is a little chaotic, but the match ends when Miz nails an Uso with his Slammy, causing a DQ.

Result: The Usos defeat Miz/Mizdow by DQ; Miz/Mizdow retain the Tag Team Championship


Backstage, Byron Saxon interviews Seth Rollins. Rollins talks about his upcoming match, and promises to make Sting and John Cena pay for their actions. And what does Rollins have to do to make Cena pay? Simple: put him through a table. The future is here, and Rollins will not stop brutalizing Cena until The Authority is brought back.


Erick Rowan vs Big Show (Stairs match)

  • This is going to be interesting
  • I missed the first part of this due to me getting a drink to calm my coughing (damn sinuses). When I returned, Rowan was on the ground holding his arm.
  • Show tries to throw some stars at Rowan, but it backfires and Big Show eats the chairs. Rowan then tears the stair display up before setting up a wall of stairs (modern-day Stonehenge?)
  • As Rowan is constructing his masterpiece, Big Show grabs him and throws him into the corner post before rolling him into the ring.
  • After returning from another quick distraction, Rowan is hurled into some stairs by Show as the crowd chants "Big Show sucks"
  • Big Show hits Rowan with the bottom half of the stairs and jaws a bit with Michael Cole. The stairs and Rowan and inserted into the ring.
  • Inside the ring, Rowan has the stairs driven into his stomach, then the stairs are set up in the corner. Rowan tries to fight, but is driven into those stairs twice before eating a clothesline.
  • Big Show sets up for a chokeslam, but Rowan wiggles out and slams Show onto those stairs. It should be stated that the crowd is chanting "NXT"
  • Rowan ascends the turnbuckle with stairs in tow. He jumps off the buckle, but Show is able to dodge a good part of the bump, although his side is nailed by the stairs.
  • On the outside, Rowan is speared through Stair Stonehenge to no reaction. The crowd has given up on this one.
  • In the ring, Rowan is chokeslammed onto the stairs, then eats a subsequent KO Punch.
  • To be sure that Rowan is down, Show pins Rowan with the stairs on top of him.

Result: Big Show def Erick Rowan



Promo for the next season of Total Divas


John Cena vs Seth Rollins (Tables match)

  • Paul Heyman is out to observe this match.
  • Cena and Rollins start brawling, and Rollins takes over after J&J provide a distraction.
  • After taking down Rollins, Cena rolls outside, jaws with J&J, and grabs a table. Cena starts to bring it in, but J&J pulls it out of the ring.
  • A tug-of-war starts between Cena and J&J with Cena getting the better of the exchange. However, Rollins takes advantage of a distracted Cena and lies the table on the corner.
  • More J&J interference ensures, keeping Rollins in control after a huge DDT.
  • Cena hits his comeback moves, but his comeback is quickly quelled by (you guessed it) J&J Security. They beat him down and set up for the triple powerbomb. However, Cena fights out and takes control of the situation.
  • The match goes to the entryway where Cena uses a steel barricade as a weapon. He hits Rollins with it, then suplexes Noble on the barricade...ouch.
  • With Noble out, only Mercury and Rollins remain, and they keep control of Cena.They try to run a table into him, but Cena dodges and the table hits the corner post. After this, Cena AAs Mercury into the timekeeper's area.
  • With J&J out, Rollins takes control and Cena and starts setting up some hardware outside the ring. Rollins tries to suplex Cena from the ring to the tables, but Cena reverses and suplexes Rollins into the ring.
  • Cena lines up for a powerslam through the corner table, but Rollins counters into a Sethwalker (he semi-teased a Paroxysm).
  • Rollins tries to whip Cena across the ring, but Cena blocks and throws Rollins over the top rope.
  • Cena brings another table into the ring, but Rollins drills Cena with the briefcase a couple times until he is out on his back.
  • As Cena lies in la-la-land, Rollins taunts the crowd and sets up a table. Rollins mocks the Five-Knuckle Shuffle, but eats a kick from Cena. Cena tries the AA ,but the ref gets knocked out.
  • The two battle back-and-forth until Cena eats a dropkick, setting up for a curb stomp on a table. However, Cena catches up and Super-AAs Rollins through the table, but the ref doesn't see it.
  • J&J Security comes back, beats on Cena, and cleans up the evidence of the AA.
  • J&J and Rollins set up for the triple powerbomb, but Cena fights out and throws Rollins out. Cena AAs BOTH Noble and Mercury through a table...impressive.
  • After the double AA, Cena tries to AA Rollins to the outside tables, but Rollins fights out of it. The two fight on the apron until both men go through the table. The ref sees this and calls the match.
  • Confusion ensues, and the refs cannot determine who went through the table....MATCH RESTARTED
  • Rollins instantly takes control, dives on Cena, and takes apart the announce table.
  • Cena AAs Rollins on the announce table, but the table didn't break...this continues!
  • Cena brings out yet another table and sets it up in the ring. As he sets it up, Big Show comes lumbering down for whatever reason. He beats on Cena and calls for the chokeslam.
  • As Big Show goes for the chokeslam, Roman Reigns comes down through the crowd to a massive pop. He beats on Big Show and spears him through a table.
  • Rollins comes in and eats a Superman Punch. Cena AAs him through the table for the win.

Result: John Cena def Seth Rollins

That happened...prepare ye loins for Brock vs Cena IV


Nikki Bella vs AJ Lee (Divas Championship)

  • After Nikki does some push-ups outside the ring, she controls AJ for a little bit.
  • Nikki continues to control AJ, using a very painful looking Bow-and-Arrow hold with help from the ring post.
  • Stuff ensues, and Brie is caught putting Nikki's foot on the rope. Brie is ejected, and but not before Nikki sprays something in AJ's eyes, setting her up for the Rack Attack.

Result: Nikki Bella def AJ Lee



Roman Reigns is interviewed by Tom Phillips. Reigns tells everyone that he said that he would be back and better than ever. After flubbing his lines, he says that he's gonna do more damage at this Royal Rumble than at last year's.


Kane vs Ryback (Chairs match)

  • Both men go back and forth beating each other with chairs as you would expect...there's nothing else really to say here.
  • As I go to take some NyQuil for my sinus infection, the entire crowd starts a "boring" chant...this is painful.
  • I return to Ryback ShellShocking Kane for the win.

Result: Ryback def Kane

Now I do apologize for my lackluster coverage here. My sinuses were getting the best of me, and I am near my breaking point with this show. The only reasons I'm still here are because of the main event and that I try not to leave a job half done no matter how dirty it can be.


Rusev vs Jack Swagger (United States Championship)

  • Lana tries to do her thing, but is interrupted by Jack Swagger, who instantly takes advantage of Rusev and his bad ankle.
  • Swagger goes for the Swaggerbomb, but Rusev dodges. However, Swagger locks in the Patriot Lock for a second until Rusev counters to an Accolade attempt. After a struggle, Swagger reaches the rope.
  • This is to no avail as Swagger is locked in The Accolade. Swagger passes out...or does he?! Swagger gets to his knees, BREAKS THE ACCOLADE, and locks in the Patriot Lock.
  • Rusev endures the Accolade and breaks it by kicking Swagger in the face and escaping the ring. Outside, Rusev hits Swagger with DAT KICK.
  • Swagger gets back in the ring before the 10-count, and eats DAT KICK again. The Accolade is locked in again. and the match is called.

Result: Rusev def Jack Swagger


Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt (TLC match)

  • The match immediately starts when Ambrose hurls a ladder at Wyatt, who was in the process of taking his jacket off. The two go on to beat the hell out of each other on the outside before they take it in the ring.
  • Wyatt slips right out of the ring and Ambrose follows with a suicide dive. He scales the announce table and nails Wyatt with a flying clothesline. The two take it into the crowd toward the preshow area.
  • Alex Riley derps as Wyatt throws Ambrose into a light set. Ambrose responds by diving on Wyatt from the preshow table. They take it back into the ringside area. The "this is awesome" chant starts already.
  • The first chair is used on Wyatt, who screams in pain after a couple hits. Ambrose then throws some more chairs in before Wyatt starts beating on Ambrose. Ambrose gets the upper hand again, throws Wyatt in the ring, and sets a table up on the outside.
  • The kendo sticks come out, and Wyatt just stares at Ambrose. As Wyatt goes for a chair, Ambrose drills Wyatt with the kendo stick before doing a stick-aided Russian leg sweep. Ambrose isn't done as he dives onto Wyatt with chair in hand.
  • As Ambrose climbs the turnbuckle to attack a seated Wyatt, Wyatt gets up and uppercuts Ambrose, sending him through that set-up table. Wyatt then starts beating Ambrose with the leg of the table, rolls him in, and goes for a pin.
  • It's Wyatt's turn to deal some damage with the kendo stick. After a couple thwacks with the stick, Wyatt inserts the kendo stick into a turnbuckle support thing. Ambrose is then whipped facefirst into the stick...the commentary reaction says it all.
  • As Ambrose tries to recover, Wyatt runs him over with a ladder. Wyatt then slams Ambrose on the ladder and drops a huge senton on him for a two count.
  • A ladder is set up in the corner, and Ambrose is whipped into said ladder. Wyatt gloats for a second, and tries to avalanche Ambrose in the corner. Ambrose moves, sending Wyatt into the ladder.
  • Ambrose hulks up and starts to mount a comeback. He climbs the turnbuckle with a ladder on it and nails Wyatt with an axe handle for a two count.
  • Ambrose ties Wyatt in the rope and starts beating on him with dropkicks and chairs. Soon after, he leg-drops Wyatt onto a chair for a two-count.
  • Ambrose lines up for Dirty Deeds, which Wyatt reverses and lines up for Sister Abigail. However, Ambrose wiggles out and runs the ropes. Wyatt meets him with a MASSIVE lariat. I think Ambrose died for a second.
  • Outside the ring, Ambrose starts throwing chairs and stuff. He sets up a table on the ramp area and places Wyatt on it. A ladder is then repositioned. Ambrose climbs and drops a huge elbow on Wyatt, imploding the table. The "holy shit" chant starts as Wyatt groans in pain.
  • Ambrose isn't done. He sets up ANOTHER table and places Wyatt on it. Ambrose gets a taller ladder, climbs it, and drops another huge elbow on Wyatt.
  • Ambrose drags the corpse of Bray Wyatt into the ring for a pin attempt. However, Ambrose can't enter the ring due to the abuse he has taken. When Ambrose does enter, Wyatt (playing possum) surprises Ambrose with a snap Sister Abigail, but it only gets a two count.
  • Wyatt goes for another Sister Abigail, but Ambrose rolls him up for a two count. Wyatt is thrown into the corner ladder, then eats Dirty Deeds...which only gets a 2 count.
  • Ambrose reenters his toybox and grabs a television. After some interesting antics, Ambrose goes to the entryway and grabs a HUGE ladder and drags it to ringside.
  • After telling the Spanish announcers to move, Ambrose clears the table and goes to place Wyatt on the table. Wyatt responds by attacking with a chair. Wyatt attempts to guillotine Ambrose with the chair again, but Ambrose reverses and guillotines Wyatt with it.
  • Wyatt is placed on the announce table, and Ambrose climbs the ladder. HE DROPS THE ELBOW ON THE ANNOUNCE TABLE. Both men are dead as the "holy shit" and "this is awesome" chants ring again.
  • The two start brawling as they lay in the remains of the announce table. Both men eventually get back in the ring, where Ambrose picks up the monitor. He goes to use the monitor, but it short-circuits in his face. This allows Wyatt to Sister Abigail a blinded Ambrose for the win.

Result: Bray Wyatt def Dean Ambrose

Show's over. Go to bed everyone

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