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Pic: CJ Parker's hand 'split to the bone' after palm strike to Kevin Owens at NXT Takeover: R Evolution

Kevin Owens' big debut in NXT and eventual turn on new champion Sami Zayn is the big story coming out of last night's Takeover: R Evolution special on the WWE Network, and rightfully so. It all feels like such a big deal, made all the more important by the severe lack of coherent storytelling from WWE on its main roster.

All did not go completely according to plan, however.

Indeed, during Owens' match he took a palm strike from CJ Parker straight to the nose. It busted him open and led to his needing stitches to close the wound. But Parker didn't come out unscathed. Actually, he may have gotten the worst of it.

Check this out:

That is nasty.

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