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Video: Sami Zayn wins NXT championship at Takeover: R Evolution

It really happened.

You saw it happen in the main event of last night's NXT Takeover: R Evolution live special on the WWE Network and now you can watch it again (over and over and over and over): Sami Zayn defeated Adrian Neville to win the NXT championship.

The match exceeded all expectations. You could argue it was better than Team Cena vs. Team Authority, which just won "Match of the Year" for WWE at the Slammy Awards this past Monday night on Raw. Pat Patterson certainly knows how to lay out a masterpiece, and this one was true to the story while making Zayn the triumphant babyface star -- he had the chance to take advantage of a ref bump to achieve a goal he said he would do anything for but didn't -- and the title the most important thing in professional wrestling.

This felt, dare I say it, real. This meant something.

After, Kevin Owens, who made his debut earlier in the night, made his way out along with the rest of the roster to embrace Zayn in his moment of glory. They didn't go into the deep history there, because they really couldn't considering the situation, but they did mention that they're best friends and how deeply meaningful this moment was.

Then, just as the adrenaline was fading and the mood stabilizing, Owen turned on Zayn, powerbombed him against the ring, and left him for dead. So not only did we get one of the best matches of the year, the show closed with a super strong angle building to a future that looks brighter than ever.

Pro wrestling doesn't get much better than this, folks.

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