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WWE NXT Takeover R Evolution results, live streaming match coverage tonight (Dec. 11, 2014)

WWE NXT Takeover: R Evolution is all set to pop off tonight (Thurs., December 11, 2014) from Full Sail Live, at 8 p.m. ET, live on WWE Network! will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of NXT Takeover: R Evolution below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show will feature Adrian Neville defending his NXT championship against Sami Zayn, and if Zayn can't finally "win the big one" and take his friend's title, he may quit NXT.

Elsewhere, Charlotte tries to prevent her old stable mate Sasha Banks from becoming the third Women's champ in NXT history, and Simon Gotch & Aiden English gets another shot at Kalisto & Sin Cara - this time with the tag titles on the line after having come up short against the pair now known as Lucha Dragons in the #1 contender tournament finals heading into the last live event.

A huge grudge come to a head - or, in the case of Hideo Itami & Finn Bálor, some very dangerous feet - as the two international sensations look to end The Ascension's run through NXT once and for all.  Plus, Kevin Owens is coming to FIGHT.

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  • Kevin Owens defeats CJ Parker via pinfall following a Pop-Up Powerbomb
  • Lucha Dragons defeat The Vaudevillains via pinfall (Kalisto on Gotch following SDS) to retain their NXT Tag Team Championship
  • Baron Corbin defeats Tye Dillinger via pinfall following End of Days
  • Finn Bálor & Hideo Itami defeat The Ascension via pinfall (Bálor on Viktor following a tandem double foot stomp)
  • Charlotte defeats Sasha Banks via pinfall following a top rope Natural Selection to retain her NXT Women's Championship
  • Sami Zayn defeats Adrian Neville via pinfall following a Helluva Kick to become the NEW NXT Champion



Hey now, it's Sean.

Pre-show is a bummer, as Corey Graves announces that his concussion issues have led he and the WWE medical team to decide that his in-ring career is over.

He will, however, join the NXT announce team - starting tonight.  Good luck to the Savior of Misbehavior in his new pursuit.

FIGHT KEV FIGHT.  Kevin Owens got a new video and will have a match tonight.

Team BAE took out Bayley while the worthless Alex Riley just stood there and watched. We. Go.


His new music is...not great.  His reception from Full Sail is.

Poor CJ Parker.  Two spashes, a cannonball and CJP rolls out.  HUGE suicide 360 looks like it embeds Parker's head in the steel grate ramp.  Owens tell the camera this is just the beginning.

Back in the ring, CJ gets some offense in, and even hits the palm strike for a nearfall.  Running double knees AND KO IS BUSTED OPEN.  I think Parker broke his nose.  He hits a big lariat and then a PUMPHANDLE NECKBREAKER.  Then a POP-UP POWERBOMB.  1 - 2 - 3!

Lucha Dragons (Kalisto & Sin Cara) vs. The Vaudevillains (Aiden English & Simon Gotch)

Gotch and Sin Cara to start.  Aerials by the luchador to get an early advantage, including knocking English to the floor.  Tag brings in Kalisto for the wheelbarrow senton, and Cara is back in for a powerbomb and a cover.

Crowd is pro-Simon, at least.  English with a blind tag, but gets bumped to the floor.  He drags Sin Cara out to the floor, and we've reached the face-in-peril portion of the match.  SC almost gets to his corner, but Kalisto ends up getting taken out, too.

Sin Cara cartwheels out of the corner off of English's back for the hot tag.  Kalisto is all over the place, including a cool springboard head kick.  The Dragons go to dive on both men, but Gotch dodges.  He rolls into the ring to try and suplex Kalisto, but that's reversed into his finisher, and the champs retain.

Tye Dillinger vs. Baron Corbin

Tye gets in some strikes, which makes FSL count past 30.  They're not happy.  Bull Dempsey is in the crowd, and when the camera cuts to him, Corbin hits End of Days for the win.

BC comes over for the staredown with Dempsey.  Corbin has about two feet on him.  Baron ends up walking up the ramp and stared from there before we end scene for a TLC commercial.

While they play a clip from Sami Zayn's interview with Michael Cole, we see an inset with Enzo and Big Cass giving Zayn a fist bump.  And then he and Owens lock eyes before Sami walks out.  Foreshadowing?

The Ascension vs. Finn Bálor & Hideo Itami

Konnor & Viktor out first.  Itami dressed like Scorpion.  Lights out for Bálor, fog machine and he's got a Carnage/Darth Maul/Predator/Resident Evil hybrid look going.

Everybody brawling to start, and The Ascension bails to start.  Viktor and Hideo start, with Bálor getting a quick tag for some kicks and a nearfall.  Vik lands a strike, throws Finn into a turnbuckle and gets a tag.  Bálor with a quick counter on Konnor allows him to make a tag, but the big guy catches Itami with a flapjack, and gets a tag to Viktor as the former champs take control.

Itami takes a whoopin', but defiantly muscles up a few times and lands some strikes.  This is all about building to the hot tag for Finn, and they're doing it well.  Konnor comes in and tries for a cover, but Hideo won't quit.  Quick tags in the corner keep the heels in control, as the crowd chants for Itami.  Rest holds from Viktor, and a hip toss gets HI this close to Bálor's outstretched hand.  A missed charge hangs up Vik, and Konnor gets thrown to the floor with a drop toe hold.  That just allows him to pull Finn to the floor before Hideo can get to him though.

Konnor back in to work over Hideo, but he gets a head kick for the tag.  He uses Viktor's back as a springboard to stomp Konnor to the floor!  Enziguri sends Vik to the floor, and a dive wipes out both men!  He rolls Viktor in and climbs, but Konnor breaks it up.  He's sent to the floor, but V rolls under the stomp.

Stuff happens really fast (sorry), but includes a brainbuster suplex from Finn, and I lose it when Itami teases a GTS.  Fall of Man is thwarted by Hideo grabbing Konnor's feet, and the good guys land the tandem stomps so Bálor can cover Viktor.

Roman Reigns is here, in case you weren't  sure if WWE was high on him.  He announces his goal of becoming the first NXT alum to win the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks

The Boss wearing her mocked up version of Charlotte's merch is still wonderful.

She also throws it in the champ's face as she does a quick WOOO.  Banks tries to get away at first, just like throughout this feud, but Charlotte catches her and lands a few grounded strikes.  Back up, a whip gets reversed and Sasha hits a chop on the Nature Girl, but that gets quickly reversed.

The old roll out so she can kick her in the head on re-entry trick works, and then SB whips Charlotte into the steps.  Nearfall, and The Boss works her over in the corner.  Nice double knee across the mid-section.

Banks goes for her rebound slap, but includes a Flair Strut taunt - giving the champ a chance to dodge.  BANKRUPT!  She locks in the submission, but Charlotte backs her into the corner to break it.  Sasha throws her back down, and slaps on a Figure Four headlock, and she even does the facebuster out of it just like the Dirtiest Diva in the Game.

Crowd is split 50/50, as the champ stands with the challenger on her shoulders and drops the electric chair suplex.  Charles Robinson reaches an eight count before they can get up.  Charlotte with chops and forearms, and then a suplex reversed into a neckbreaker!  Kickout, the champ whipped to the floor and diving cross body onto the ramp by The Boss!

Back inside, they trade strikes in the middle of the ring until Charlotte spears Sasha inside out!  She charges, but Banks gets a foot up and drops her face first into the corner.  Figure four gets turned into a roll-up for two!  Neckbreaker can't finish the champ either, and The Boss is frustrated.

Big suplex throw by Charlotte, and she stomps Banks before going up top for the moonsault!  Sasha rolls out, but C lands o her feet and immediately turns it into a senton!  The champ goes for something out of a crucifix, but SB slips out and sends her face first into the turnbuckle.  Banks goes for a superplex, and the champ throws her face first down.  When Sasha gets to her feet, the champ grabs her hair and hits a top rope Natural Selection to retain!

Adrian Neville vs. Sami Zayn

Smiling staredown, and then it gets serious.  Neville taunts a bit with his belt and his British flag shorts.  Crowd does not like him.

The stand there for a second after the bell and take in the moment.  Sami looks at the crowd until Adrian steps to him.  Interesting...

The ref talks Zayn into the match, and Sami goes right to trying to grab the champ.  Neville ends up taking him down into a front face lock, and we're grappling a bit.  Chain wrestling until Zayn pushes him off to create some seperation and we're back to a lock-up.

Neville working the left arm of Zayn, and pretty clearly in control early on.  Sami reverses and flips Adrian, but he lands on his feet and taunts the challenger.  The story seems to be that SZ's head isn't in the game, but then a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and a moonsault to the floor leaves him in charge in the ring while the champ is stunned on the floor.

Neville teases taking a countout but comes in at nine, right into a kick from Sami.  A couple of quick covers from both guys as my feed gets a little choppy.  Drop kick to the back of the head gets two for Neville, and he goes to chin lock as they catch their breath for a second.

Huge European Uppercut from Neville in the corner after a scramble.  After a cover, he stalks Sami and hits a number of knees to the head and neck.  The champ does some taunting, and then Zayn comes back with clotheslines and lariats, forcing Neville to roll out.  He comes back in for hurricanrana that dumps SZ to the floor, but he rolls back in to toss the champ and dive onto him on the ramp!

Back in the ring, a big crossbody gets a two count.  They reverse suplex holds, and Sami catches Adrian on a pop over and takes him off his shoulders into a Blue Thunder Bomb for 2!  Neville gets his foot up on a Helluva kick charge, and that lets the champ get in a lot of offense.  A no-release German Suplex almost gets him, and a Powerbomb almost does end it.

Forehead to forehead, they trade blows and Zayn dodges to hit a BIG clothesline.  Neville dodges the Helluva kick again, hits a bicycle kick and  goes uo for Red Arrow!  Sami gets his knees up, and Zayn lock in a Koji CLuthc!

The champ gets a foot on the ropes after twenty seconds or so to break the hold, and Sami glares at him.  Zayn goes for an exploder, but Neville slips out and the counter causes AN to bump heads with the referee.  Sami checks on the ref and NEVILLE HITS A SUPERKICK!  FRANKENDRIVER!  1! 2! NO!!!!!!!!!


Trading forearms in the center of the ring, both men are woozy.  Zayn dodges a kick and hits three Germans!  The last one a HALF AND HALF!  Sami heads in for a Helluva, but Neville ducks out.  Zayn hits the diving DDT through the ropes!  He rolls the champ in and calls for him to get up.  Helluva Kick, but Neville pulls in the referee and he takes the bump!


He goes for the belt, but Sami catches him with a kick before he can use it.  Zayn stares at the belt and picks it up, looking at the downed ref.  He lines up to use it on Neville, but he's tormented.  He can't!

Neville with the roll-up! Kick out!  Exploder into the corner!  HELLUVA KICK!


The locker room empties out to celebrate with Sami.  He and Owens share a big hug.  Pat Patterson is out to congratulate him as he's lifted onto Jason Jordan and Some Other Guys shoulders.

Neville is back up, and the wrestlers clear a path for them to deal with each other.  Adrian looks vexed, and Zayn puts down the belt to offer his hand.  Adrian kicks it away...and they HUG.  Neville raises his hand

While the credits roll, Owens steps in and attacks!  He slams Sami down on his belt, and then hits a backbreaker on the apron!


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