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Chris Jericho comments on CM Punk's 'revealing' appearance on Colt Cabana's podcast

Among the shots fired by CM Punk during his earthshaking sit down with Colt Cabana on The Art of Wrestlingpodcast last week were a few many interpreted as being at Chris Jericho.  While Punk doesn't directly accuse Y2J of trying to use their relationship for their personal gain, it's his name that the Chicagoan drops before a speech about not talking to people with "agendas".

Here's the quote to refresh your memory:

I still have friends who fucking work there aside from dirt sheets reporting that 'oh, Chris Jericho says that CM Punk doesn't talk to his friends from wrestling anymore.' No, I don't talk to the guys who have fucking agendas who are trying to ask me what happened so they can fucking report about it on their podcast or blog about it or some stupid shit like that. So if you're out there and I stopped talking to you, it's because you had an agenda. You weren't checking in on me because you were fucking concerned about me. You wanted to be like 'oh, I spoke to Punk' and you wanted to use our private conversation as some sort of a weird fucking way to grab hits, or whatever the fuck you call them.

and here's the comment from Jericho that Punk was referencing.

Jericho has responded, and you can watch his response in the video below, for however long it lasts (the original message is via the TweetSecret app, where celebrities record videos that their social media followers subscribe to be able to watch in their entirety).

In it, he says that he still considers Punk to be a very good friend.  He denies ever approaching him about appearing on the Talk is Jericho podcast after he left WWE at the end of January 2014.  Jericho says that they had a tentative date schedule for Punk to be on in December of 2013, but that they cancelled because the Straight-Edge Superstar was feeling negative about pro wrestling.

As he's said before, Y2J reiterates that he can relate to the burnout that Punk experienced, saying it was similar to what lead him to leave WWE back in 2005.  He doesn't address the medical complaints or booking issues that were discussed with Cabana, except to classify his whole appearance as "revealing" and to give him a "thumbs up".

He closed by saying that he would speak more on the topic during this week's edition of his podcast, and:

Glad he got vent, but I definitely did not have an agenda, cause I never asked him to do the podcast after he left the WWE, nor did I ever ask him any questions about why he left.  That was his business and his business only.

Some may see the release of this on a subscription-based service while using it to plug his podcast as proof of the agenda Punk alluded to his having.  Jericho is a self-promoting entertainer, however, just like CM Punk now, and if he drops a name or two without violating anyone's confidence, is there really any harm?

What do you make in this latest twist in the Punk drama, Cagesiders?