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Road Dogg says we will never hear WWE's side of the CM Punk story

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WWE producer and sometimes wrestler Brian "Road Dogg" James yesterday became the first company employee to engage with fans on the issues raised by CM Punk's interview with Colt Cabana Wednesday.  James responded to and interacted with several fans on Twitter, and impressively managed to have a dialogue with individuals who had already made up their minds and/or were looking to fan the flames without escalating tensions.

A common theme to his responses were that we're only getting one side of the story, and that's all we're likely to ever get:

James comes back to one of the two big claims that fans are gravitating to - that WWE fired Punk on his wedding day:

And provides an interesting counter point to the other, even larger issue of Punk's medical treatment...why didn't he go to his own doctor sooner?

But his biggest issues, as most would expect from a guy who's been in the business for decades and worked in a variety of roles for multiple companies, have to do with claims that Punk was mishandled in booking:

One area where the D-O-double G has a particular overlap with Punk is that both have been former WWE contractors who made public some of their grievances with Vince McMahon's company (B.G. did a couple of shoot interviews and videos while working for TNA in the late aughts and earlier this decade).  James acknowledges that and wonders if some of what is drove him to do that is also driving the Straight-Edge Superstar.  He doesn't go as far as Ryback to call the Chicagoan insecure, but...

In the end, he just doesn't think that what happened in Punk's case is all that different from what happens to others...for better or for worse, I guess.

It doesn't change anything, and Road Dogg isn't speaking here as an official representative of WWE - but it does add another perspective to the hottest topic in pro wrestling.  Even if a bunch of people were speaking out, James' perspective would be interesting because of his position with WWE and his past and present relationship with Triple H.

Thoughts on what he said, or how he handled the situation, Cagesiders?