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Did Brie Bella turn heel at Survivor Series?

It's hard to tell.

Nikki Bella won the Divas championship from AJ Lee in just 35 seconds last night at Survivor Series in St. Louis. The booking of the match itself was a throwback to Daniel Bryan's world heavyweight championship loss to Sheamus at WrestleMania 28. In that match, AJ was called up on the apron, kissed Bryan, and he was finished off just seconds after turning around to start the match.

They recreated that here except Brie Bella was up on the apron, using the Divas championship to lure AJ in before locking lips. One Rack Attack later, Lee was pinned and Nikki was the new champion.

And Brie was smiling about it.

This led to obvious speculation that this was a heel turn and she had willingly gone ahead with helping her sister win the title, as opposed to being told to do so because she's still Nikki's personal assistant. Naturally, WWE published an interview with the two after the match wherein Byron Saxton asked the million dollar question.

Byron: "I have to ask, were you surprised at all that your sister Brie assisted you with the win or did you order her to jump up on the apron?"

Nikki: "You know, Byron, the story isn't about Brie. It's about me. I am your new Divas champion. I mean, I just want to keep saying that. I have earned this. I have earned every bit of this. When I defeated every other Diva in that battle royal, I got this opportunity and I took full advantage of it. As far as Brie goes, I mean, she's her own person and I'm just happy that my sister's finally done the right thing. No, no, no, it's time to go celebrate. I'm Nikki Bella, the Divas champion."

That certainly casts doubt on the idea that Brie turned heel, considering her reaction to Nikki's answers. That does raise the question of why she would be smiling after helping her sister win the title, however.

Perhaps she wants to win it from Nikki when her 30-day run as personal assistant comes to an end? Hey, isn't that scheduled to end in just a matter of days?


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