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Report: AJ Lee and Nikki Bella found out they only had 20 seconds for Divas title match at WWE Survivor Series right before they went on

And we wonder why so many fans still make jokes about women's matches in WWE being bathroom breaks.

Whether or not it was the last time we see AJ Lee in WWE for a while, or if the decision to have her lose her Divas title had anything to do with the company's issues with her husband, it was a slap in the face for Lee and Nikki Bella to only be given 20 seconds.

And to have their Championship bout reduced to another salacious instance of "HLA" after that became the focus of the second act of AJ's feud with Paige.

And for it to be a call back to a moment involving one of them and another's husband that has at no point been referenced in their program to date.

And, whatever you've thought about it, for a long storyline like the twins' to now have a heel turn with even less build to it than your average Big Show flip-flop (not to be confused with Rusev's flip-flops).

In addition to all that, there's a report from Figure Four Online's Bryan Alvarez that Sting's inclusion in the main event wasn't the only Survivor Series finish booked at the very last minute.

On today's Bryan & Vinny Show, Alvarez reported the following:

Do you know when these two were told they had 20 seconds? They were told right as they were going over all of the spots in their match.

Rooting for better quality women's wrestling from WWE is almost as frustrating as being a fan of Cesaro.  In the plus column, they've gotten into the habit of booking two Divas matches per pay-per-view (PPV), and have as many solid workers on the roster these days as they do clueless fitness models.

But at the same time, what could have been a solid traditional Survivor Series match was hamstrung from the word go by having very few women with defined characters in it, and even less of a storyline.  And what could have been a hot angle between an improving power wrestler in Nikki and a decent bumper and gifted storyteller in AJ was thrown away at the last minute for a "hawt" distraction finish.

And they don't even respect the ladies enough as professionals to let them know that before they've taken the time to lay out their work for the evening.

There were a lot of good things that happened at Survivor Series last night, and some things that the jury is still out on.  But one thing stuck out as being disrespectful to the talent involved.  And if this report is true, it was even worse than it looked.

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