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Sting makes WWE debut at Survivor Series in St. Louis

He's finally here.

There were rumors and reports it would happen, all serving to help drive anticipation for it. Then, it did.

Sting finally debuted for WWE at Survivor Series tonight at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri.

At the close of the Team Cena vs. Team Authority main event, just as Triple H was setting up Seth Rollins to pin Dolph Ziggler to earn the victory. He slowly walked to the ring, laid out Scott Armstrong, and had a long, intense staredown with Triple H.

Finally, Triple H charged. The Stinger ducked his punch, kicked him in the gut to drop him to a knee, slowly walked behind him, and, after pausing to let the crowd soak it in, hit the Scorpion Death Drop.

It was glorious.

True to character, Sting ensured the good guys won in the end, helping Dolph pin Rollins.

He's finally here.

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