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John Cena may not know who is on his team at Survivor Series

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Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Not only has John Cena consistently shown that he's a terrible teammate who has allowed his squad to get beat up and injured at every turn, it now appears he isn't even entirely sure who is actually on his team. That could explain a lot, actually.

He exposed as much when he tried to get all motivational while promoting tonight's Survivor Series event in St. Louis on social media:

That's not Dolph Ziggler's Twitter and Sheamus is not a member of the team after he was hurt by Mark Henry and underwent surgery days later.

But wait, he may have fixed it.

Halfway home. That is Dolph Ziggler's Twitter but Sheamus is still there and, again, Sheamus is not on the team.

There you go. All it took was thousands of mentions from fans who actually pay attention.

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