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Like a House Afire (ep. 17): TNA doesn't deserve their latest chance, but here's how they should make the most of it

Welcome to the not-at-all-regularly scheduled 17th episode of Like a House Afire, a frequent video-cast that runs down some hot topics in the world of pro wrestling with opinion and analysis from yours truly.

The week's big non-WWE news, and probably the most important item for the pro wrestling industry, is TNA's new television deal. I explain a few reasons why I was okay with their going away (at least in their current form), and why no matter how they spin, the Destination America deal is not a good thing (it's only not the worst thing).

Then, I ramble on with what I would do if I were in charge...which is just another voice telling them to not be WWE-lite, but hopefully with a few specific examples to try.

Here's some background on the buzz that drove this episode:

Keith Harris' analysis from before the announcement

Official announcement

Twitter reaction from wrestlers and fans

Spike TV comments

About Destination America

Hope you enjoy the show, and please hit us up in the comments with your thoughts, feedback, questions or suggestions.

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