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The Yeti's Cageside Evaluation

There were so many great comments today, so let's just hear from you:

What you loved:


"That Schiavone and Heenan were able to call it and not quit the wrestling business the following day."


"The YEH-TAY!"


"Nothing. Hell, there’s nothing to even like."


"Burning yourself on a toaster while getting a Pop-Tart out."

Zombie Shakespeare:

"I understand the 5's, maybe a 5 for "so bad it’s good" nostalgia, or maybe you’re just a troll. What I don’t get are the people who voted 2.5 – 3.5. Who’s straddling the middle when it comes to the Yeti?"


"So, you sign this guy for your roster who’s actually slightly taller than Paul Wight (whose current gimmick is that he’s the son of Andre the Giant). Said new guy was trained by Big John Studd. Naturally, the gimmick you give him is that… he’s an embalmed yeti. Because why would you want two second-generation big men avenging their father’s defeats at the hands of Hogan, who could be a tag team and destroy everybody? That would just make sense. This is WCW, where gobsmacking stupidity plays!"


"That a small town Mummy got the chance to be in the main event of two PPVs, challenging for the title in the 2nd one (as part of a battle royal but it still counts). Sure, the Mummy had to pretend to be a Yeti to get that spot but he still got it…and sure he had to dress up as a ninja later to get to be in the battle royal but that Mummy defied the odds and overcome his status as an embalmed corpse to make it to the top. It’s a story of hope you guys."


"It’s a dead gimmick."


What you loathed:


"There's something wrong with this says The Yeti and all I can see is The Mummy."


"I was 10 years old and I knew this was bullshit the moment it appeared on the TV screen. Pretty sure my exact words were, 'This is bullshit.'"

Mr. Deeds:

"Today is a waste of an evaluation. This isn’t even funny. I’m not even looking forward to reading the comments when I get home from work. Damn you Heel Doors!"


"Y’know, guys, I feel like his costume is a little bit on the silly side."


"I’d rather have Mantaur."

Cain A. Knight:

"This non-yeti mummy debuted by teaming up with The Giant to give a shaved Hulk Hogan a standing DP in the middle of the ring. I mean, what else needs to be said?"

On to the poll! With 267 votes, The Yeti's average score is 1.8.

Thanks, Cagesiders! Tomorrow's pick needs a chill pill.

Until then!

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