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Low Ki's issues with WWE were due to Vince McMahon not being a wrestler; says name changes are due to company's 'egotism'

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Ring of Honor (ROH) founding member and current TNA X-Division standout Low Ki is a legend on the independent and international scenes.  But most remember him from his cup of coffee with WWE as Kaval, where he headlined the second season of the faux-reality competition version of NXT, which he won despite much of his screen time being as as a comedic attachment to LayCool, his mentors, the heel team of Layla and Michelle McCool.

Doing promotional work for his title shot against House of Glory champ Ricochet for the indy tonight (November 1, 2014), Ki did an interview with the Miami Herald earlier this week where he spoke candidly about his time in WWE, among other things.

After giving his thoughts on the cyclical popularity of wrestling, the crop of wrestlers who he sees as being at the forefront of the form today and where different company's fit into the overall landscape, he was asked if he thinks he'd return to WWE, or if things would be different if he did.

There's been plenty of speculation about the extent of Triple H's power backstage, and Ki sees that as a difference from his time there - but it doesn't change the source of his issues from his run in the company:

It's still the same management system in placed. My issues were not with the wrestlers. My issues were with management. They fired me before Christmas, so that tells you something. It's still run relatively the same. The only difference is you have a different person with a similar mentality in position, which is Triple H. With Triple H, in all fairness to WWE, at least he was a wrestler.

So his perspective on how to manage the company and arrange things may have a little more intimate detail in mind than what Vince [McMahon] would do because Vince was never a wrestler. At least Triple H has the in-ring experience to see things differently. The reason why I say Vince McMahon has never been a wrestler is because he has never put his body through hell to the degree of what his performers do and then advance into management. At least Triple H has that insight into potentially directing the company into a different position.

To make his point on how things haven't changed, he brought up an issue that rankles many fans (as much as we love to use it as comment joke fodder) - WWE's policy of changing wrestler's names:

I know from personal experience they have the contractual freedom to use existing names to market them however they like. However, it's the egotism behind the company and mentality of this should be ours. This should be our brand, our reputation or whatever. Now you have guys who have worldwide followings and destroy those names for other names that are poorly designed to begin with.

WWE isn't the only topic on which the 35 year old former X-Division champ is outspoken.  Check out the whole interview on the Herald's website for more on today's wrestling world and his current TV gig with TNA.

Do you think there's anything to his claims that Vince lacks the perspective of an in-ring worker?  Or that WWE changes independent stars' names not for licensing reasons, but just to put their mark on another's career?

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