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Kevin Steen: I'm not as close with Sami Zayn as people think

While we wait for news of Kevin Steen's WWE name and NXT debut date, the Miami Herald's Jimmy Varsallone recently caught up with him (and a bunch of other Developmental talents - check out his YouTube channel for interviews with Alexa Bliss, Baron Corbin and others) to get his thoughts on transitioning to WWE and his career to date.

Mr. Wrestling hits on some familiar points, the story about Steve Austin telling him to "run his mouth", William Regal being influential in his signing with WWE after seeing him at a Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) show in Southern California and others.  I thought his response to Varsallone's question about his relationship with Sami Zayn (a man he famously tagged and feuded with in Ring of Honor (ROH) and other promotions) was pretty interesting:

We actually really haven't been in contact that much, because he's been travelling with the main roster for a couple of months now and I really haven't had a chance to see him or talk to him.   And although we've known each other for many, many years, we're actually...I don't want to say we're not close, but we're not as close as people might think.  Because we've been through a lot you know, in and out of the ring, know...he was a huge part of my career, I was a huge part of his, too - whether or not he'd admit to it.  It's actually really inspiring to see him here and see the success and all the things he's accomplished so far.  It keeps getting bigger and better for him.  Until we get in the ring together, cause then things might take a drastic turn.

Is it possible that my imaginary tales of Kev and Sami, pro wrestling's best pals might not be true?  Does this mean that Zayn really isn't the same guy who wrestled as a generic masked man on the circuit?  How soon can we see them feud on WWE Network!?!?

Watch the interview and decide for yourself.  Be sure to stick around after he talks about Zayn to hear a nice story of how he reacted to Daniel Bryan's post-SummerSlam 2013 Raw, too.

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