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Bray Wyatt is influenced by Martin Luther King, shepherded by Triple H and destined to face the Undertaker

The Eater of Worlds continues to be the most fascinating character in WWE, whether or not he's currently involved with any televised program or feud.

Lately, we've been getting our dose of Bray Wyatt via the WWE 2K15 promotional circuit.  Another interview with him from the Orlando, Florida-area WWE Performance Center was published by the Miami Herald earlier this week, and it provides several more juicy quotes for us to dig our teeth into while we await what comes next for Bray and his kin (of whom, when asked about their status as a stable, Wyatt said, "We will always be brothers. You will just have to wait and see").

Interviewer Scott Fishman brought up standout verbal style, which is sometimes criticized for sounding good, but meaning little.  Wyatt answers that charge, and reveals a name that might surprise some fans in a famous orator that he's studied:

When I speak, I like to speak powerfully.  I like feeling behind my words. I just don't say things. Everything I say has a piece. Martin Luther King Jr., I've studied a lot of his work. Just the way he was able to speak, and the power he gives us is really incredible. In my opinion he is the greatest speaker of all-time. There are so many that I've studied and idolized. It's deep for me...

The things I say sometimes can be offensive to some, but for the ones that can figure it out and solve the puzzle or the labyrinths I put out there, they deserve it. Here is your cake. Here is the prize because there are so many complexities. I like to throw curveballs.

He's very confident in his own abilities, and quite honest about how his real life personality being so close to the character we see on screen may be a negative in navigating the backstage political waters of WWE.  Wyatt gives a ton of credit to Triple H as a person high up in that power structure who "got" what he was doing and helped push the Wyatt Family from NXT to bigger things on the main shows:

I'm very uncoachable at times. I kind of have this mystique about myself where I don't like people telling me what to do. I can tell you Hunter was very instrumental in the upbringing of the Wyatts. He saw something in us that we saw. We were so attached to it that we were dying to make it work and to get it out there.

Hunter saw the same thing. From the first glance, people are just comparing us to hillbillies. I've heard ‘Deliverance' and all kinds of things, but they were missing that underlying factor. Hunter was able to see that because we are more complex in the way we speak if you listen to the message behind it. You're not looking at three Neanderthals. You're looking at three very smart, capable athletes. Hunter was able to see it.

As far as what Bray sees for himself, there's a certain undead American badass who he's been compared to that he'd very much like to work with:

Bray Wyatt versus The Undertaker would be the greatest I could accomplish. Just being there side-by-side with him. I get the comparisons, but we are also very different. He is ‘The Deadman.' He will always be ‘The Deadman,' and I'm Bray Wyatt. When or if, or when we shall meet, it will be every bit of everything I thought it would be.

Time, and 'Taker's health, may work against Wyatt getting a one-on-one match with the Phenom, but a passing the torch moment between the two - if only to see two of the greatest entrances in WWE history performed consecutively - could still be written in some form.  Here's hoping Bray is right about his destiny being intertwined with the Undertaker's.

Check out the whole interview over at for much more, including his thoughts in his entrance, inclusion in the new video game and a great rapid fire answer when Fishman asks him about the location of the Wyatt Family compound.

Where do you stand on Bray Wyatt's promo style, and his current place in the WWE landscape?  Will Triple H's patronage be enough to get him to the top and keep him there?  Will Wyatt get to face Undertaker someday?

Let us know what you think below!

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