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Here's a real thing that exists: Brian Christopher's country rap album, 'Bringing Sexay Back'

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Brian "Grandmaster Sexay" Christopher and Scotty 2 Hotty had a shot at the NXT tag team titles at ArRIVAL earlier this year, on the first live program aired on WWE Network.  But outside of that short-lived Too Cool reunion, what has Jerry Lawler's son been up to lately.

One thing is his career as a country rap artist who does wrestling-related comedy and novelty songs.  His new album, Bringing Sexay Back, is available on iTunesAmazon and Spotify.

Among the ten tracks is the previously released single, "Puppies", a duet with his father, WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler.

Here's the press release:

This CD consists of several hilarious song parodies plus some great original music. Included on his CD are the songs 'Going Down' which Brian uses as he makes his grand entrance into the ring. 'Puppies' featuring Hall of Famer, Jerry (The King) Lawler. 'Memphis Thang' a tribute song written by Brian about classic Memphis wrestling. Plus, Brian's good friend Rikishi makes several cameo appearances on the CD. Brian Christopher not only performs all the songs on this CD but also co-wrote most of them. This CD is a 'must have' for any wrestling fan. You can download yours today or purchase one through CD Baby or at any wrestling event where Brian is appearing.

And a track listing:

  1. Goin' Down
  2. Bad Newz
  3. Jabroni
  4. Memphis Bruise
  5. N My Genes
  6. I Get the Message
  7. I'm II Sexay
  8. Grandmaster Style
  9. Memphis Thang
  10. Puppies

Resisting the urge to make jokes or generally LOL, because (a) if you have a connection to the Memphis scene or a love of Rock 'n' Wrestling era novelty tunes, you might really like this and (b) I'm dumbstruck by the sheer rasslin-ness of it all.

Here's the track that's all about honoring the Mid-South tradition, "Memphis Thang", a kind of "We Didn't Start the Fire" deal in honor of the Saturday morning greats with whom Christopher grew up and later worked.

Enjoy, and then either order via one of the links above, or make jokes in the comments below, depending on your interest.

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