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Bad News Barrett working on a Nexus reunion with his good buddy Ryback

Bad News Barrett loves India
Bad News Barrett loves India
via his Instagram

He was Intercontinental champion and riding a resurgence of popularity with a new gimmick when an arm injury forced Bad News Barrett to leave active competition and vacate the title.  As he prepares for a comeback, he recently spoke to Indian website Sportskeeda about coming back and a few tricks he might have up his sleeve for his return.

The Brit says that his recovery is going great, and that he's targeting a December return when WWE is on a European tour.  While his initial focus is on regaining the IC title, he still has his eyes on a prize that alluded him during his most famous run in pro wrestling - the WWE championship.

And the man who was known as Wade Barrett while he was leading the invading force of newcomers, the Nexus, is open to reuniting his old gang, especially if it helps him achieve his goal:

I think Nexus is one of the favorite periods of my career, and I think we had a lot of success, and I think people responded to it really well. The WWE Universe loved it. I hope in some point of the future we can bring something like that. I don't like the way it ended, and maybe in some point, I'll need some help with the WWE Heavyweight Championship, I'll make a few phone calls, and see if I can get those guys back together.

Who might he bring in of the old gang?  Heath Slater?  Michael Tarver?  Justin Gabriel?  David Otunga?

He might not have been a part of the yellow and black attack for long (and, even when he was, under a much different name than just going from Wade to Bad News), but there is a guy that Barrett ran with in developmental with whom he's still close:

The guy I hang out mostly is probably Ryback. He is a very entertaining guy, probably the weirdest guy I've ever met...he is a really cool guy, the guy I got along with well. And, we used to drive around a little bit, we came from the developmental system together so he is a guy I like.

Ready for some Bad News, Cagesiders?  What about a Nexus reunion?

I'm down, especially if it includes more Ryback than Skip Sheffield.

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