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WWE Smackdown preview (October 31, 2014): Thriller night

Click through for the full size poster...seriously, you have to see the credits on this one.
Click through for the full size poster...seriously, you have to see the credits on this one.

What you need to know

If you were looking for a whole lot of clarity concering the events at Hell in a Cell, you were going to be disappointed.

Seth Rollins took his tainted win in the main event of that show as another sign of his superior intellect, but Randy Orton is sick of his smug attitude - and blames his curb stomp from last week for his loss to John Cena, too.  So, Hunter might not like it and Stephanie might shake her head, but this week's "out of nowhere" award winner is...the self-proclaimed "Future of the WWE"!

The remaining pieces of the mystery from Sunday in Dallas were only more cryptic, but we know that Dean Ambrose is pissed at Bray Wyatt and the Eater of Worlds is neither the Lunatic Fringe's friend or brother, so Bray thinks he should run.  Dean won't, so it is on like Donkey Kong.

Getting a tag title shot out of the blue just reeks of "storyline advancement coming!", so when Mark Henry & The Big Show suddenly got a chance for the cosmic key, it wasn't a huge shock when the Hall of Pain opened for the World's Largest Athlete.  Damien Mizdow & The Miz are getting over enough that they might merit future title consideration, but first they have to stop losing to those darn cheating Usos.  Jimmy & Jey deployed an old Bella trick on Monday and Tuesday to best the Moneymaker and his stunt double.

Speaking of the Total Divas' stars, Brie's service of her sister has so far consisted of having a frozen nutritional shake dumped on her head and grabbing Naomi's leg to let Nikki finish her off with a Rack Attack.  Meanwhile, the Divas title may soon join the WWE World Heavyweight belt on vacation, since AJ Lee is without a feudmate now that Paige is tussling with another former bestie (and TD cast member) Alicia Fox.

It's not a Divas feud, but it is related to the Sunday night "reality" show...and it did produce a heck of a women's match on Main Event.  Tyson Kidd spent his wife's match with the Anti-Diva putting himself over, and didn't seem overly concerned with the loss or any injuries Natalya incurred in the match, either.

The Big Guy is back...and cSs has broken out into civil war over it.  Pickside.  Bo Dallas will almost certainly be on the anti-Ryback side, but then he'd probably also be on the anti-Sheamus side, since the U.S. Champ extended his losing streak on Tuesday, too.

Prinicipal owner Stephanie McMahon tried to do what Paul Heyman couldn't, and sway #1 contender John Cena to the dark side - or at least, The Authority side.  But John didn't hustle, loyalty and respect his way to the top to sell out, sister!  So at the next, free (for some) pay-per-view (PPV), it will be Team Cena vs. Team Authority in a traditional Survivor Series match!

Cena's first recruit was Intercontinental titleholder Dolph Ziggler, and that immediately drew the ire of Corporate Kane.  A match was made, and the bleach-blonde everyman overcame the former DEMON to get another win in his surprisingly welcome win streak.  Mr. Money in the Bank came out for a two-on-one assault, but Cena arrived soon after to save Dolph - and get the main event started early.

Seth was actually selling the effects of his cage war with Dean Ambrose, while Cena was...Cena.  The two displayed some great chemistry and put on a heck of a match...but then Authority main event rules kicked in and Kane interferred to trigger the disqualification.  Ziggler ran in to return the favor, then Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury came down to join in, the everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) joined the fray.

What to look out for

WWE dresses up H-town for H-ween, as the Halloween Smackdown was taped on October 28th in Houston.  If you want to avoid a frightful scare tonight, you can find out what's going to happen in advance by clicking here.

If it's a holiday, you know there are gonna be gimmicks galore.  Tonight promises a Divas costume battle royal, which might be good for a scare or two, wrestling-wise.  If the graphic isn't lying, it means we'll get to see Emma work on national television.  So that's treat.  For this guy, anyway.

Miz TV with Mark Henry elaborating on the reasons for his heel turn was bumped from Main Event, and will presumably show up here.  Expect the usual "he disrespected me, being all confident and stuff" rationale, but coming from Mizark, even that will sound good.

If Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose don't get a chance to talk on All Hallow's Eve, it will be a real missed opportunity.  But considering how Creative sometimes likes to book Ambrose, it might be better if he stayed home, lest he end up jumping out of a Jack O'Lantern and doing a segment with one of Willow's skeletons.

(Note: I know some folks have come looking for a more definitive match listing - that will be posted behind spoiler text in the comments. If releases more information on anything that's officially going to take place on tonight's show, that'll be updated here)

Will tonight's show be a trick, or a treat?  Knock on WWE's door with your fellow Cagesiders tonight in our live blog tonight!

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