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Vince McMahon does YES! chants, gives away WWE Surivor Series 2014 for free

The moves keep coming out of Stamford in the wake of a 4% increase in total subscribers to WWE Network since June 30th.

Via and the company's various social media outlets, Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon just announced that the month of November will be available to new Network subscribers for just...$0.00.

Here's the transcription:

When I announced the WWE Network, I said then that it was a great day to be a WWE fan. And now, it's an even greater day. Because now, for new subscribers, the entire month of November - including Survivor Series - is free. That's right.

'Did he say that if you got to and you sign-up, that for new subscribers, they get the whole month of November including Survivor Series for free?'

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Of course, if you live in Canada, or maybe the United Kingdom (where the company has announced some plans for an over-the-top version similar to the U.S. model, sometime in November), or an area without high-speed internet, or aren't technologically savvy enough to operate a computer, tablet or streaming device, or an existing're out of luck.

But for the rest of you, congrats!

You in?

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