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Did we meet Sister Abigail at Hell in a Cell?

So, this was creepy.

Bray Wyatt returned to WWE after weeks of vignettes at last night's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view in Dallas, Texas. He was there to attack Dean Ambrose, allowing Seth Rollins to win their match. We won't have any idea why until later on this evening when Monday Night Raw goes live on USA from San Antonio.

We also may have met Sister Abigail.

I must admit I completely missed this upon the live viewing. After the lights went out for what felt like forever, they came back up to reveal a lantern in the ring lighting up a small area in front of it. Then some smoke appeared, Ambrose was intrigued by it and seemingly drawn to it, and Wyatt suddenly appeared to launch his attack.

A closer look, courtesy of the following GIF from Twitter, shows a hologram that may or may not represent Sister Abigail:

Since his main roster call up in July of last year, Wyatt has spoken extensively of Sister Abigail, always hinting at something to come. The problem, of course, was he revealed at one point that she is dead.

Now this.


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