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WWE Hell in a Cell 2014 match card preview: John Cena vs. Randy Orton

The match

John Cena vs. Randy Orton, in a match that was only booked because they're both losers who failed in what they were originally trying for. Somehow, this is still a number one contender match, with the winner receiving a title shot against Brock Lesnar at a later date.

The players

John Cena: He is the malpracticing Dr. of Thuganomics who hustled his way into the hottest feud WWE had going, remained loyal only to himself, and respected no one along the way. He's done nothing but lose in every big match he's been in over the past three months, but he's always got someone else to blame for it and he's still right at the top of the card and just one win away from yet another title shot.

Randy Orton: He is the increasingly fragile outsider in The Authority whose insecurity is matched only by the copious amounts of oil he bathes in. His realization that maybe he would be better off branching out from his evil overlords is taking only slightly less time than it did when Batista came to the same realization in Evolution back in 2005, which is to say "holy shit, just RKO Triple H and let's get this party started already".

The feud

Good lord, there aren't enough words. This is something like the 317th time these two have worked a match against each other in some form or fashion throughout their long illustrious careers, many of those coming in the main event of major pay-per-views.

Hell, they've even had a Hell in a Cell match already.

Cena has been the top babyface for a number of years and Orton has been his heel foil. For the purposes of what we're doing here, they rehashed all this only after Orton lobbied to face the loser of the Cena vs. Dean Ambrose match and Cena happened to be that loser thanks to Orton himself.

They talked at each other, an RKO was delivered, and here we are.

What to expect

A long match.

An "epic" encounter, meaning a lot of finishers and plenty of prolonged selling.

Possibly an angle interrupting the finish leading to whatever it is the two will be doing after this. It's clear this is a stopgap measure and these two are going their separate ways after this.


Follow along with tonight's Hell in a Cell event by clicking here.

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