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Hell in a Cell's Cageside Evaluation

What you loved:

  1. Foley/Taker - An incredible match that helped set the standard for Hell in a Cell (HIAC) and is still talked about today.
  2. HBK/Taker - The first HIAC match in the WWE, the other match that set the bar high for this type of match.
  3. Spots - Insane spots have occurred including being toss off the cell and through the cell.
  4. Environment - The sheer size of the cell makes for a "shit is about to go down" feeling.
  5. Special - In what was reserved for the grittiest of feuds, it was a great way to end major battles between two wrestlers.

Best comment comes via caseyfiore:

"Hell in a Cell is, in a lot of ways, a blank canvas- it’s up to the performers to make it special. The structure itself does nothing to obstruct the standard environment of a wrestling match, so there’s no reason you couldn’t have a technical masterpiece on par with Flair/Steamboat inside the Cell, but in this scenario that match would kinda suck, because it’s a waste of both the gimmick and the technical ability. The Cell, and thus the gimmick, is simply a tool which demands creativity from the performers using it in order to deliver an exciting event."


What you loathed:

  1. Current Matches - WWE today is completely different than in the late 90's, and this match suffered greatly because of the lean towards PG. There have been some solid matches (Taker/Triple H and Batista/Triple H), but for the most part they haven't lived up to their predecessor.
  2. Annual PPV - One of the best parts to this match was the surprise factor. "...In a cell!" Crowd goes pops like crazy. This planned PPV takes away, diluting it quite a bit.
  3. Foley Injuries - The amount of injuries he suffered in his match with Taker is staggering. Unfortunately some of them are long-term and have slowed the legend down significantly.
  4. Taker/Bossman - An absolute garbage HIAC match, that ended with Bossman getting "hanged" above the ring.

Best comment comes via StuckInAfghanistan:

"It really has no place as a stand-alone PPV in the PG era. In an era where you can’t bleed, there’s no point to drag it out once a year and shoehorn feuds into it. It should be reserved for something pulled-out once every three or four years for storylines that have been running hot for a long time but might have cooled a bit. Think the Rollins-Ambrose feud. Not the Cena-Orton feud. Both those matches represent the proper use and misuse, of the HIAC concept."

On to the poll! With 261 votes, Hell in a Cell's average score is 4.2.

Thanks, Cagesiders! Tomorrow's pick is known as a God.

Until then!

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