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Like a House Afire (Ep. 15) - Dealing with Daniel Bryan

Welcome to the 15th episode of the semi-regularly scheduled Like a House Afire, a frequent video-cast that runs down some hot topics in the world of pro wrestling with opinion and analysis from yours truly.

Former WWE World Heavyweight champ Daniel Bryan hit the news again last week, with the latest rumors stating that he was not progressing in his rehabilitation from neck surgery and might need a second operation. The timetable for his return has been pushed back and or completely disregarded, with even the most optimistic estimates pointing toward after the 2015 Royal Rumble.

Based on that alone, I make my guess as to when we'll see the YES man again, and discuss how WWE should address his longer-than-initially announced absence in order to avoid any fan upheaval at his year's Rumble. Plus, I kick around some options of who he can feud with upon his eventual return - and completely forget about the man who currently holds the belt Bryan never lost, both because Brock Lesnar is on television about as little as DB (less, if you count Total Divas) and since I'm not convinced the Beast will still be on the WWE roster by the time The Beard makes it back.

Here's some background on the buzz that drove this episode:

Daniel Bryan back by the Rumble?

Daniel Bryan needs another surgery?

Hope you enjoy the show, and please hit us up in the comments with your thoughts, feedback, questions or suggestions.

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