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Stan Hansen's Cageside Evaluation


What you loved:

  1. Lariato! - aka the baddest use of the lariat ever.
  2. Brawler - There was no doubt Hansen was a legit tough guy, how he was in the ring, was exactly the same outside of it. He helped shape what it meant to be a brawler in pro wrestling.
  3. Japan - One of the top gaijins ever to wrestler in Japan, we're talking top 3 here.
  4. Stiff - Hansen had hard-nosed style of wrestling in all of his matches. An old-school hoss, he threw around everyone, even Andre the Giant!
  5. Tag Teams - Over the years he teamed with Terry Gordy and Bruiser Brody, they were incredibly tough tag teams.

Best comment comes via The Notorious Eddie Mac:

"The way he told the AWA to kick rocks: basically the AWA told him he couldn’t go to Japan and fight Giant Baba, but Stan Hansen was loyal to Giant Baba, so AWA told him he’s stripped of their world title and you gotta give back the belt. Stan Hansen did mail the belt back… only after he ran over it with a truck and delivered the remains in a box, tread marks and all."


What you loathed:

  1. U.S. Exposure - Did not get the same love from his native country as he did in Japan. They didn't give him the proper respect, and he had no problem finding working elsewhere.
  2. Bruno's Neck - He broke Bruno Sammartino's neck in 1976 via a botched powerslam. His stiff style has been attributed to his poor eyesight.
  3. Vader's Eye - He knocked Vader's eye out of it's socket mid-match. His eye! No worries, Vader just popped that thing right back in and they finished to a no-contest.
  4. Andre's Head - Once in 1975, Hansen literally knocked Andre the Giant's head off his...okay, maybe Hansen isn't that strong...
  5. Chewing Tobacco - Don't do drugs, mmmk?

Best comment comes via Chair Shot Memories:

"Wasn’t sent to Germany in WWII to personally end conflict by using the lariat on Hitler."

On to the poll! With 134 votes, Stan Hansen's average score is 4.2

Thanks, Cagesiders! Tomorrow's pick should be in the Hall of Fame.

Until then!

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