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Slapstick Saturday: Hercules' 13th labor? Pimp slap dumbass wrestling fan


"Herc's doing a run-in in Baton Rouge, Centroplex, he and Crusher Darsow. Herc's gonna run in and attack the babyfaces. He gets almost to the barricade to jump over and some guy comes out and tackles him around the waist to keep him from going in and hurting the babyface. He just went WHOOMP like that (elbow) and into the ring. The cops bring the guy back and they sit him in a chair. As soon as Herc was done, he busts through those swinging doors like John Wayne going into the saloon. The guy stood up and was about to say, 'I'm sure sorry' or whatever the fuck he was gonna say, and Herc open-hand slapped him, caught him right up under [the ear]. I saw the guy's feet leave the ground, his head flies into the concrete wall -- SMACK -- and then he dropped -- SMACK -- so it was like smack, smack, smack, BOOM and he's laying there like that and he's done, one slap. So then the bell is ringing and me and the Midnight Express gotta go wrestle. We step over the fucking guy, go have a 20-minute match, come back, and the guy is laying in the exact same position. The cops are standing around him and you can hear the ambulance siren, they're coming to pick him up and cart him out. I go to Herc, 'Why did you just slap him if you were that mad?' He said, 'Jimmy, you hit somebody with your fist, you could hurt 'em.'"

Growing up in the eighties and watching him perform at his peak, the idea of jumping out of the aisle to tackle a monster the size of Hercules Hernandez is something my brain can barely process. That didn't stop some dumbass fan from trying to earn some glory at the expense of a little power, according to Jim Cornette. With our own Doors Hate MMA Fighters doing a Cageside Evaluation for Herc -- real name Raymond Fernandez -- I wanted to make sure we paid homage to the big man's legit toughness outside the ring, as well. Though I would imagine these days that kind of backstage justice would get you arrested, sued, and future endeavored. Big thanks to Argonut for the tip.

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