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WWE NXT results, recap, reactions from October 16, 2014: Don't call it a comeback

First show from a fresh taping, which usually means a hot crowd and a lot of angle set-up...neither of which is a bad thing.  Let's see what we got tonight, shall we?

Segment One


  • Baron Corbin makes quick work, and I mean REALLY quick work, of Elias Sampson.
  • Sami Zayn cuts his latest, "I lost fair and square, but I'll keep fighting" promo, but in a meta moment, announces that he's sick of saying that he lost fair and square but will keep fighting.  Tyson Kidd shows up to talk some smack, and we have our main event.
  • It doesn't matter who the tag champs are, they will have context-less matches.  Lucha Dragons reappear to defeat Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy.  At least when the champs are babyfaces, the enhancement talent get some licks in so the good guys can come back.
  • Much hype will be needed for Mojo Rawley to recover from the serious shoulder injury Tyler Breeze gave him, but he vows to come back - and get revenge on Prince Pretty.


  • Not much more to say about Corbin until we're given something other than squashes where he hits his finisher and bounces.  For tonight, I'll say that I really like the effect where they shine all of the lights on him at the end of his entrance, so it looks like he glows.  But I kind of wish he wouldn't smirk when the referee raises his hand.  I liked it when he never took the scowl off his face, even in victory.
  • Still thing his theme is a tough sell when he's supposed to be super-determined or in a blood feud, but I give Sami a ton of credit for developing a routine around that can convey different things AND not be a carbon copy of his old entrance.  For whatever reason, I was thinking back to when he basically just did Generico without the mask, running the apron with his head down.  He's developed into a distinct yet not totally different character, and that's pretty darn cool.
  • There might not be another wrestler in the world today who could pull of Zayn's storyline without an audience turning on him or getting bored - let alone pointing out that it's been going on so long that we should be turning on him or getting bored.  Only other guy I can think of still isn't regaining strength in his arms.
  • What a difference a half-year makes.  Remember when Kidd couldn't deliver a convincing backstage pre-taped sitdown interview?  As leery as I am of WWE's "'re a wimp because you married a strong woman" babyface stance, it was pretty much worth it here just so Tyson could deadpan the question of why Tyler Breeze would have Natty's number.  And say that he had to check on his cats before he kicked Zayn's ass.  I recognize that that last one may have meant more to me and my fellow cat bros than to most of the world, though.
  • Buddy Murphy is intriguing, and someone backstage knows it, too.  The tag match was designed to showcase him as much as anyone else, and catching Sin Cara for that suplex was a heck of a way to do it.  Get him a new name and some new ring gear and we might have our next hoss for NXT to push.  Or Jason Jordan's new tag partner.  One or the other.
  • There's something about the tag champs that still isn't clicking for me.  Maybe it's that I don't get the emphasis on Sin Cara, who was almost booked as the star of Lucha Dragons in this one.  It could be that they still seem like spot-to-spot guys.  The double tag and hot comeback came out of nowhere...just the next thing to do on a list they made while putting the match together.  Would love to see them work on their transitions and develop characters in whom I can get invested.
  • Hmmm...that sounds a lot like what I thought about the last tag champs.
  • Wish you the best on that shoulder rehab, Mojo.  Work on your cardio while you're out.  Oh, and don't you dare harm one gorgeous bone in Tyler's gorgeous body.
Segment Two


  • Becky Lynch appears on her second straight show, and takes her second straight valiant loss - this time to Women's champ Charlotte.
  • We're reminded of the ongoing issues between Hideo Itami and The Ascension via always excellent recap package.  Then Konnor & Viktor threaten their rival via always awkward Konnor & Viktor talking.
  • The Realest Guys finally get their match with Les Legionnaires, but who knows if the feud is over, because Marcus Louis finally snaps when Sylvester Lefort knocks his wig/head gear contraption off during a tag.  Louis ran off as Lefort was seen to by referees, so maybe they're feuding now?
  • With time to kill, Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady decide this would be a perfect time for their protege Carmella to make her debut, a quick submission win over a X-Men cosplayer from the back.


  • The Women's division has the opposite problem that the tag scene does.  Here, they have nothing but established workers to throw at the champ and challenger.  I understand that this is a non-title match, but losing cleanly to one of the women with a legit claim to the #1 contendership gets you a second non-title match against a champ who has already beaten you cleanly?
  • Charlotte has upped her game when it comes to showing personality in-ring.  Both her intial surprise and eventual anger at how effective Lynch's offense was was superb.
  • Becky is going to be so great when she has a kayfabe motivation for all the aggro behavior she's displaying right now.  She's the only woman without a character on the show, but that starts to change in a later segment that we'll discuss in a minute.
  • You know how we're always saying "it's the little things" that make a great wrestling performance.  An Ascension interview is an example of doing all "the little things" wrong.  Their inflections, where the choose to grin or grimace...even the way Konnor beat his chest with his fist looked awkward.  Why did Viktor make a "c" with his hand when annunciating Sayonara?  I'm not really excited about the possibility of their being latched onto Bray Wyatt, but they do need a mouthpiece - stat.
  • Smart call having Enzo & Cass circle back to their basic intro script, especially in this environment where the crowd may see them three or four times over the course of an evening.  They should stick to that schedule even when called up, though.  Sometimes, give us the spiel we all know by heart so we can chant along.  Sometimes, knock our socks off with new one-liners and improv about cartoons.
  • If the goal of the Legionnaires program was to keep the Realest Guys on our screens without their having to wrestle a lot, mission accomplished.  I'm ready for it to be over, and not just because I've fantasy booked Louis' development into Leon: The Professional, either.  But I have totally fantasy booked Louis' development into Leon: The Professional, you guys.  Eventually, Enzo plays the Danny Aiello character.  I'm just sayin'...
  • Carmella's theme is great for a few seconds before it turns into an Iggy Azalea parody (which makes it a parody of a Nikki Minaj parody).  "Badda-bing...hottest chick in the ring" is a fantastic introduction.  Her finisher needs a name, and she probably needs as much work as her male valets.
  • I promised myself I wouldn't rag on the commentary again this week, but it was bad.  I just can't stay mad at Renee, though, and her calling Clueless Blue "Kitty Pryde" is a really good example of why.
Segment Three / Main Event
  • Lynch stepped to The Boss about her actions at Takeover II a month ago, and Sasha Banks started to play mind games on the very similar fashion to how Summer Rae turned her last year.
  • NXT champ Adrian Neville spit hot babyface fire to a new interviewer woman concerning his title match against Titus O'Neil next week.
  • Sami's road to redemption got off to a good start with a clean pinfall victory over Natty's husband.


  • Nothing wrong with recycling old stories, and having Sasha serve as a twisted mentor to Becky in a callback to the birth of the Beautiful Fierce Females is a perfect example of why.  Having Banks interact with Lynch in this way advances both characters - plus, it gives us another female heel on the scene with Charlotte slowly turning (and/or getting called up soon) and the Princess of Staten Island making the scene.
  • Of course, I could be reading that whole situation wrong, or they could swerve us and have Becks stand up to The Boss.  But I don't think so.
  • The Geordie really only has the one promo, since they're all subtle variations on "I'm a fighting champ".  But, man, has he figured out how to deliver it.  And with room to spare for his opponents (especially, eventually, one S. Zayn) to accuse him of hubris.  This one almost made me excited for his match next week against Titus O'Neil.  But then I thought about all of the bear hugs, and I calmed back down.
  • Been a while since we've seen Kidd vs. Zayn, and while I quite enjoyed it, I don't think it was either man's best match.  I'm guessing it was a combination of the lack of build (as great as their establishing promos were earlier in the night, neither guy's immediate path lead to the other.  I still really want to see Tyson vs. Breeze, and Sami needs a win back over Titus on his way to a one-on-one title shot), relatively small amount of time and pretty easy to guess outcome.
  • Really glad Natty's wife hasn't left Full Sail behind completely, though.  There's always something to really appreciate in any Tyson Kidd match.  In this one, I swooned when he crammed Sami's face down to the mat when he was turning him over in the Sharpshooter.
  • Speaking of swooning...TJ may want to let out those awesome "FACT" trunks a little bit.  I spent too much of the match hoping concerned that a wardrobe malfunction might lead to a tip slip.  If nothing else, we know for a FACT that Kidd's junk hangs right.
  • Seems like it's been forever since the Likeable One connected with a Helluva Kick on the legal man in an official match.  I'll always love the Blue Thunder Bomb, but if the Exploder into the turnbuckles sets up the Kick, it's a fine finishing combo.

This was a very good episode, but it lacked a true standout segment or match to qualify as one of NXT's best.  Still, light years ahead of last week's show.

Grade:  B+

Your turn, dear Cagesiders.

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