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The Leg Drop's Cageside Evaluation

What you loved:

  1. Iconic - It's one of those moves that we've seen over and over again, mostly thanks to Hulk Hogan. He has put away just about anyone you can think of with that leg. No matter what we think of him or the move itself, for a period of time it was the most over thing in wrestling.
  2. Non-Hogan - Plenty of guys have utilized this moves throughout the years. Wrestlers mentioned the most: Bobby Eaton, D'Lo, Kofi, Sabu, Bret Hart, and Fandango.
  3. Versatile - Can be used by anyone, and on anyone.
  4. Taker Guillotine - Now this looks devastating.
  5. Yokozuna - Physics be damned, this version looks nasty.

Best comment comes via tkatt00:

"This leg drop is actually a fantastic move when utilized correctly. It’s not a legit finisher for anyone (short of maybe when Yokozuna did it), but it’s a GREAT mid-match move that can be given a lot of personality (see: Brown, D’Lo and Kingston, Kofi) or be made to look absolutely vicious (see: Taker, Under and Sabu) when done correctly. It’s simple. It’s effective. It’s easy to "make your own" with a little ingenuity and personality. In short: Horrible finisher, but a great mid-match move."


What you loathed:

  1. Finisher - Many of you felt this should not be a finisher, but rather a simple mid-match move.
  2. Weak - In the total spectrum of moves, this one is somewhere between the Schoolboy Roll-Up and the Five-Knuckle Shuffle
  3. Hurt Hogan - The man himself has attributed this move to his hip/back problems. Don't you worry though, he's still hoping to have one more match!
  4. Bad Move - Many of you said it's just plain bad, or was your least favorite move.
  5. Hogan's Version - Sloppy execution that got worse - and lower - as the years went on.

Best comment comes via MrErikJ:

"As a kid, did you ever leg drop your bro? Did it seem to lack impact? Did you try knocking him unconscious first and trying again? To make sure he didn’t move? Still weak? That’s because the center of gravity is in your ass and the leg just gently drapes across their throat, no matter how high you jump. It strikes a more sensitive area than the elbow drop, but has a quarter of the power. When I went nerdy on my nurse wife and made her watch some wrestling with me, she cringed when she saw the leg drop. But, not because of its impact on Hogan’s victim, but because of the damage she assumed it did to Hulk. 'That’s got to be hard on his lower back' she said. 'I mean, he’s falling several feet straight onto his butt. How do you even learn to fall that hard on your butt? That’s going to make him shorter.' All of those things are currently true for Hulkster."

On to the poll! With 219 votes, The Leg Drop's average score is 2.5.

Thanks, Cagsiders! Tomorrow's pick probably enjoys Cesaro's former name.

Until then!

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