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Kofi Kingston on the future of Smart Athletic Friends and the surprising person behind his Royal Rumble spots

Xavier Woods' Instagram

As we've all started to see more and more, at house shows and on social media if not on television, Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods are a tremendous amount of fun as a trio.  But what does the future hold for the Smart Athletic Friends (sorry X, I'm not calling you "Speed Force")?

Ten time champ Kingston gave a bit of an update to the Liverpool Echo this weekend, doing some advance promotion for WWE's tour of the United Kingdom and Europe next month.

We're still trying to get it off the ground, we've had a lot of different matches on the live events together, and it's awesome man, it's a great dynamic, all three of us get along, anytime we're in the ring it's a great match, we have a lot of great chemistry doing things onscreen if you watch the backstage segments, it's just fun. I think all three of us are on the same page. If and when it does get onscreen it's going to be awesome and like I said before it's just another way we can show different characters.

We'll see, you never quite know what is on the cards, even from the perspective of us being out there one day and being gone the next! You never quite know what is going to happen in WWE and that's why people watch, that's why Raw is the longest running episodic show in history, because people are always on the edge of their seats and they never know what's going to happen. As far as what direction we'll go with the group, who knows.

Doesn't sound like there's a whole lot of support backstage for making the group happen, but at least Kofi know how to deliver a politically correct answer.  It's hard to see him getting in hot water for anything in that answer.

In talking about how great UK crowds are, and anticipating a hot reaction for native talent like Adrian Neville, Paige and Bad News Barrett, he might have pushed a little too far in fantasy booking the fledgling stable, though.

I know for sure I should be teaming up with Big E and Xavier Woods should be out there too so we'll see who we'll be facing, I think we should be going up against the Wyatts as of now.

Probably doesn't matter...Creative doesn't seem to have much use for them off the App, anyway.

What WWE bookers always have a use for is Kingston's signature Royal Rumble/battle royal/multi-man match survival spot.  Being called on to perform a more amazing and innovative spot multiple times a year, how does he keep coming up with new ideas?  The name is one you probably wouldn't have guessed...

One of my go-to guys for ideas is Hornswoggle. First of all he is supposed to be my friend but he's always telling me that I can't do something. I'm like ‘you of all people should be supporting me, you've overcome so much to become a WWE Superstar, you should be motivating me, but here you are saying there's no way I'm going to be able to do it!'

Sure enough I'll go out and do it and come back and he's like ‘okay, good job, good job'. So he's the guy who has a lot of different ideas and we bounce things off each other.

What will he and 'Swoggle come up with next?

Here's hoping it's a way to get the wildly entertaining New Nation Speed Force Smart Athletic Friends on Monday and Friday nights.

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