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Kharma designed her own WWE title to replace the butterfly belt, would have totally done Total Divas

Kia Stevens, who has had success all over the world as Amazing Kong, gained prominence in the United States as Knockouts champ Awesome Kong on TNA and had a brief run in WWE as Kharma, was a guest on the VOC Nation internet radio show PANDEMONIUM this week.  In talking with hosts Nani and CoachKev, she covered a lot of topics of interest, especially to those of us who were hoping for a longer and more complete story for her run on Raw and Smackdown.

On if she we have appeared on Total Divas, and under what conditions:

Oh yeah. I totally would have. However, I think- like you [the host, Nani] said- I'm very honest. Sometimes, I'm honest at a fault where I have to act good & edit myself. & I usually don't because I just find that you feel better when you just live in the moment & be true to yourself...I like reality but I think, lately, reality has been not so real & I'm real & I wouldn't do things... it would have to be for real. Real issues 'cause there's things in issues that people need to talk about. They [viewers] would relate to them.

On her WWE run:

I was so grateful just to had just been there that that may have been part of the problem. I was just grateful to go through Gorilla for my very first debut & that was fine for me. That was all I asked for. I turned to my fiance & said [mocking herself], ‘All I want to do is walk down the ramp. All I want to do is walk down the Gorilla at WWE, my life is complete.' & that's kind of all I did [laughs]. So be careful what you ask for because you might just get it. I don't know. ‘Regret' is a strong word but I'm pretty confident that, had I had a longer run, I would have had that belt across my shoulder. I'm extremely confident that would've happened.

On what she would have done with the title as Divas champ:

The butterfly belt? I've never told anyone this but I actually already have a belt drafted up of what my belt would look like if I were ever WWE [Divas] Champion. It's badass. I do not care for the butterfly title & it would not go with my persona & I would insist that I have my own damn belt. I would totally push the design that I have it in my head & the vision that I have in my head because I think it would sell like hotcakes in stores. What did you say to do with it? Break it over my knee? I'm throwing it in a fire. [laughs] I'm melting it down. I would seriously melt it down & use the parts for my new belt.

Will she be back?

I think the window on that possibility is getting shorter & shorter as the months & years go by. I do have an injury that I've been working again... two bulging discs. I am due to get surgery real soon & shave some of that herniation off. We'll see after that. After that, then it's very very possible because I've been very transparent that WWE said, ‘Get healthy... come back... doors open'.

What say you, Cagesiders?  Do you want the 2012 Royal Rumble entrant back in the 'E...if only to see her belt design?

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