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Video: Top 10 WWE Raw moments for September 29, 2014

This week's edition of WWE's ten favorite Raw moments is here, and, well, I'd probably have a different list.

For a show that leaned heavily on Dean Ambrose being Dean Ambrose, he's surprisingly absent from the list, but he is responsible for the top moment (even if that was my least favorite part of the segment). And if you were hoping that Creative was moving past trying to infer sexual tension into the Divas feud or gloss over the vibrator joke on Mr. Money in the Bank...just skip the title of #7 and fast-forward over #6.

Here's their list:

10 - Luke Harper's Creepy Message
9 - An Un-BO-Lieveable Victory
8 - The Bunny Hops on Slater
7 - Paige & Alicia double-team AJ
6 - What's in Seth's briefcase?
5 - Slater Gator reveals their "mini-gator"
4 - Rollins stomps on Cena & Ambrose
3 - Brie takes out the "Total Divas"
2 - Ziggler beats the odds
1 - Seth gets slimed

What's yours, Cagesiders?

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