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Bray Wyatt is excited to be in WWE 2K15, and has plans that will alarm the free world

Between the Ropes on YouTube

It's always a thrill, and a trip, to see Bray Wyatt interviewed.  He blurs the lines between character and performer so expertly, you wonder if he's actually blurring them.  Surely he doesn't spend his time between shows in a rocking chair under a dead tree helping lost souls find purpose...right?

His latest talk, with our friend Brian Fritz of Between the Ropes, doesn't do anything to convince you he isn't really that guy.  The pair talk meet up at the Performance Center to talk about his debut in a licensed wrestling game, the soon-to-be-released WWE 2K15.  Before their conversation is over, though, you're also clued in a little bit more to how Wyatt views his character, the connection he'll always have to NXT and his plans for the future.

On being in the WWE 2K15:

I think the game is pretty cool. As far as my appearance in the game, I think it's pretty spot on. They could have made me a little more jacked, that would have been more realistic. My muscles are a little smaller in the game than they are in real life so I'm a little upset about that but as far as from an entrance perspective and gameplay, wow, it's just breathtaking.

On the audience's reaction to his entrance:

I don't think I'm a category. I can't be put in a category just because I don't feel like there's good people and bad people in real life. I think there's good people who do bad things and bad people who do good things. There's no such thing as good and bad. There's just this collage of humanity that society has portrayed. You dress like this when you're in front of people but behind closed doors, who knows who you really are.

On getting a second chance in WWE via NXT:

I never needed anyone to tell me how to be me, I just needed a platform, and to be 'allowed' to give them what I know I can give them.  And this is it, man.  NXT has given me that platform.  And NXT is our home.  NXT will always be our home...

They created me.  They'll let you know real quick when you get out in front of that crowd if the product that you're giving them is good or bad.  They'll let you know, believe me.  They're vicious.

On his 2014 to date, including facing John Cena at WrestleMania and working with Chris Jericho:

It's been tremendous but it's not enough. It's never enough. So it's like the tenacity to move forward and keep moving forward. And the things I have planned that are coming up are going to be alarming for the rest of the world, the free world.

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