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Bo Dallas' Cageside Evaluation

His name is Bo Dallas, and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about the NXT Champ. Here's the full evaluation.

Don't stop! Bo-lieving! Woah-oh-oh-ohhhh! Okay Cagesiders today we looked at our first NXT star, so lets get right to what you liked about Bo Dallas.

  1. Gimmick - Easily #1 here, he's been able to nail the heel who think he's a face thing down pat. I mean the crowds hate him. Hates! Some of you said you tune in just to see him get his face imploded. He has the puns, and that goofy-ass smile that makes Miz's face likeable. He's a heel though, so this is all a good thing!
  2. Wrestling Pedigree - I mean it's awesome! His grandfather (Blackjack Mulligan), father (IRS) and uncles Barry and Kendall Windham were all professional wrestlers. Plus his brother is your and my favorite creep, Bray Wyatt! Talk about having wrestling in your blood, which is fact, look it up!....Don't look it up, I doubt it's fact
  3. Heel Work - This kind of goes with #1, but he's a solid heel, whether his current gimmick works or not, I hope he stays a heel on the main roster.
  4. Improvement - Going from pretty average at everything and boring, to top heel and NXT Champ is a good example of improvement, no?

Comment du jour goes to rjr017 - "Truly one of, if not the, best heels in wrestling today, because the guy he plays his obnoxious fake face character so brilliantly and you just can’t wait to see this dude get punched. Really if anything he’s getting too funny now and I actually root for him sometimes. The "No More Bo" chants are great. I loved the hell out of that whole slide show presentation he did. Also, just the sheer amount of improvement we’ve seen from him – he went from being Mr. Vanilla to this hilarious monstrosity he has become today within a few months really, and it’s not all X-Pac heat either, he has done an amazing job with the character to make him the one heel that you truly love to hate."



Now lets see what you guys loathed!

  1. Face - No not babyface, HIS FACE! It's punchable, annoying, stupid...stop smiling! Ugh, it's awkward, creepy, strange, I don't like looking at it. I literally hid that Bo/AJ Lee mash-up picture from today because I did not want to see it multiple times. Already had nightmares from that Lesnar/Big Show picture from yesterday.
  2. In-Ring Work - Needs to work on his move set, I saw boring, bland, and needs a new finisher from you guys today.
  3. Getting Over - He's so over in NXT, but you guys are concerned the main stage may cause some problems for him. Crowds may not understand what he's doing, but hopefully Creative books him right, imagine the boos raining down on him in a bigger stadium?
  4. Next Cena - This one was pretty funny, I guess if he can get over, he'll become the next phony face. Bo is taking it to the next level though as a heel, where Cena tends to do heel-ish things, but he's a super-face!
  5. Baby-faced - Dude needs some facial hair for sure, if anything to eventually put him in the Wyatt Family. I guess that's a solid backup plan if his current gimmick doesn't work out.

Top comment today comes from the mind of The Notorious Eddie Mac - "Thing I hate: the second he gets to the main roster, whenever that is, he will be the next John Cena. I’ve been saying it for about a year. He’s gonna be THE guy down the road. Smug-looking SOB."

Checking with the poll, at 93 votes, Mr. Dallas' average score is 2.8. He's still has room to grow and I'm sure if we re-visit this in a year or two he would be north of 3.0.

Thank you guys, appreciate the continued support. Tomorrow we will be looking at a Money in the Bank winner! someone else!...

Until then!

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