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Brock Lesnar's Cageside Evaluation

His name is Brock Lesnar, and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about the "The Beast". Here's the full evaluation.

Brock Lesnar was the topic of discussion for today, and you all wrote what you loved about him while some were brave enough to put on record what you loathed. I hope he does not read cSs, believe in shooting the messenger, nor take offense to my username. My house doors are locked...right?...I better go check.

  1. Athletic Ability - He's got the wrestling pedigree, the agility, and strength, the complete package! His speed is freakishly amazing for a guy his size. He can pick up literally anyone on the roster, and has put on some fantastic matches over his career.
  2. F5 - Fantastic name and move that fits Brock perfectly. I don't think the F5 would look as good if another wrestler was pulling it off. Brock's wide frame helps him pick up anyone, and he has the strength to whip them around in devastating fashion.
  3. The Look - He has the "it" factor and presence that just screams monster and "run!!" when he comes to the ring.
  4. Heyman - Thanks to Brock we get more Heyman on our TVs, and more Heyman, is a good thing. He helps as a mouthpiece, and does that wonderful "That's enough Brock! That's enough, stop!" thing that just makes Brock look scarier.
  5. Intensity - Well, yeah...

Favorite comment of the day goes to Brigade17 - "I love the fact that he’s a goddamned Super Saiyan. It is absolutely ridiculous how athletic and strong he is. Even his name is intimidating. Brock Lesnar. His music is legit, I love how Paul Heyman, in kayfabe, grabbed onto the biggest and strongest guy like a leech. It all works. It’s all captivating."



Up next, what you guys...*looks around*...didn't care so much for.

  1. Stiff - Brock definitely beats up on guys a bit more than most. Sometimes he can been a bit careless and as we've seen over the years can go overboard. He might have a tough time toning it down a notch after coming from MMA or maybe "The Beast" just can't be contained.
  2. Limited-Time Offer - As of late we all know he's been a part-timer with a very limited amount of days that he can be used. From his standpoint, I get it, he didn't like the road and what it did to him. From a fan's perspective, it sucks, and I wish we could see him do his thing on a regular basis.
  3. Promos - His voice doesn't quite match the monster gimmick. He bumbles and stumbles over longer promos, and what he does say, usually is blah. Except for our favorite recent quote.
  4. Not Best for Business - Some of you guys argued that he doesn't care much about the business or what it needs from him. He pretty much comes in, focuses on his one opponent, and heads off into the sunset for a period of time. He's kind of like this side attraction that the WWE brings in and lets go every couple months. No commitment!
  5. One Dimensional - Good or bad, he's always been a monster that Heyman (usually) speaks for. Not a whole lot has changed from when the Hardys chair-shot the crap out of him and now.

Even if there was a better comment of the day, you guys would cuss me out if I didn't give it to Duke Phillips for this gem - "Loathe: I am far to frightened to say anything bad about Mr. Lesnar."

Onto the poll... it's kind of fitting that it broke on Lesnar's evaluation. Currently it's 476 votes, which is possible, but the votes for 5 is currently at 329. Luckily I saw about where the votes were before the big impossible jump and will minus out 250 votes for 5 (brings it to 79). So Mr. Lesnar's average score is: 4.3.

Tomorrow, we will look at someone who's got a family full of wrestlers.

Until then!

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