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Alberto Del Rio's Cageside Evaluation

His name is Alberto Del Rio, and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about the former champion. Here's the full evaluation.

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No time to waste, lets see what you guys thought of Alberto Del Rio. First, what you loved:

  1. In-Ring Prowess - Crisp. Smooth. Consistent. Sounds kind of like a beer commercial, but no that's what you thought of Alberto's work inside the ring. He is one of the better workers the WWE has, and you guys made that clear. This was beyond a shadow of a doubt, #1.
  2. Heel Work - Particularly his original heel run, he may not get the best reactions, but he had a solid gimmick as a heel. From his entrance, to all his facial expressions Del Rio had something good when he first debuted with the WWE.
  3. Good Look - He's got a great build for wrestling, fit his gimmick to perfections.
  4. Charisma - It's interesting because you guys aren't a fan of his promos, but said he does have charisma. You know he can entertain, but it just doesn't quite connect to the crowd.
  5. Workhorse - We can see this through cSs's Wrestler Wrankings, he was #1 for a very long time. This usually happens with guys that worked consistently on multiple shows, every week, being the champ helped as well. With how much he has been in the main-event you guys had a good idea to move him into the IC picture and help bring up some new talent, I can dig it.

Favorite comments belongs to ReverendKain - "I love Alberto— he’s a top shelf worker (whether he makes it into the absolute uppermost echelon is up for debate, but he’s definitely in the neighborhood), and he’s got enough charisma to back it up, even if his promos are lacking. I feel like maybe they were putting too fine a point on it to say it out loud, but I marked like a son of a bitch when Bret bestowed the title of Mexican Bret Hart on him."



Next up, what did you guys loathe?

  1. No One Cares! - Seriously, you guys don't give a hoot (yeah I said it, a hoot!) about Alberto. As both a face and heel he hasn't been able to capture an audience. The WWE expected really big things from him, and while I wouldn't say he's a bust, he didn't exactly meet expectations either. His generic work made this an easy #1 from you guys.
  2. Bad Feuds - He has great matches from time to time, but the ability to put together an excellent feud has escaped Alberto. For one reason or another whoever he's battling against becomes boring, which is not good when he's continuously thrown into main-events.
  3. Promos - Can we all yawn together? 1, 2, 3...*yawn*
  4. Face Work - Much like Orton, his face work just plain sucks. It's too bland, and crowds simply just don't get behind him.
  5. Stale Gimmick - Both face and heel he's basically had the same aristocrat gimmick, and it's starting to wear thin. I don't think he can pull off a complete makeover at this point, but something has got to change.

My favorite comment goes to R Reg - "I miss the cars (damn you Jern for saying Del Rio rented those beauties)! Del Rio is that good band that is tight and writes good songs but can’t score a big hit on the charts. It happens sometimes but I will continue to enjoy his work. I want him to stop doing that through-the-rope big bump to the outside, though. I squirm every time he does it."

Finally, with 107 votes in our poll. Mr. Del Rio's (say it like Zeb in your head) average score is 3.4. 70% of the votes were between 3 and 4, not too bad for someone who is not cared about. His ring ability is what kept things afloat for sure.

Okay, Cagesiders, tomorrow is Sunday, so the weekly recap will be up with updated poll scores, and the best comments of the week.

Until then!

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