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Slapstick Saturday: Hats what I do!

Where do you think Fandango learned his moves?


Brock Lesnar returned to professional wrestling last week on Monday Night RAW (watch it), declaring himself an immediate contender for the World Heavyweight Championship before trouncing Mark Henry and calling it a night.

And just like we did last week with our lighter look at Batista, it's time to reflect on what "The Beast Incarnate" can do outside of his usual brood, bark and brawl method of getting over.

Here to lend a hand, not surprisingly, is Eddie Guerrero.

"Latino Heat" would eventually win the WWE Championship from Lesnar at No Way Out, ESSE, but not before Creative took the time to develop a meat-and-potatoes feud between the two. Naturally, Brock would have to rely on his best attribute, which is acting like a jack-off.

It's a gift.

Anyway, part of his build-up to the pay-per-view title match was a series of mind games and insults, some of which included intentional jabs at Guerrero's Mexican heritage. And what better way to exploit it than by having a giant white guy from Minnesota rolling his Rs and dancing under a sombrero?

See for yourself.

Only in WWE, folks.

What's interesting about this clip is that Lesnar would once again face a Mexican for a championship title when Cain Velasquez challenged him for the UFC heavyweight crown back in 2010. Brock took a few subtle jabs at Mexico, then got obliterated in the UFC 121 main event.

That was for Eddie, ESSE!

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