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Preview for the January 30, 2014 episode of TNA Impact: Mysterious Vital Plutocrat

Sting is gone, for now at least. Will the mystery investor responsible for Eddie Edward and Davey Richards signing provide a fresh infusion of excitement for TNA? We'll start to find out tonight, and get a tag title match, when Impact comes our way from Scotland.

TNA Impact Wrestling on YouTube

Previously on Impact Wrestling

High-powered attorneys were brought in consult with TNA President Dixie Carter about the mystery investor behind the signing of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards. World champ Magnus was more concerned about his match with Sting, and the investor's demand that the Icon have a corner man for that bout. Whoever is buying up TNA shares didn't buy enough to keep Dixie from making the match no disqualification, though.

Sting picks Samoa Joe. Carter's answer to that is to throw her Chief of Staff Spud at the Submission Machine.

The last wrinkle of the investor story for the week was this promo from The Wolves. It's a really strong piece from two guys who aren't known for their mic skills.

Gunner retained his Feast or Fired shot at Magnus title in a brief ladder match with his former tag partner James Storm. Austin Aries is once again the X-Division champ, as Velvet Sky sabotaged Chris Sabin's planned sabotage from within her cage at ringside.

Kurt Angle finally got a win over his nemesis Bobby Roode in a steel cage, due in no small part to the fact that the Gold Medalist is a psycho. Roode looked strong in defeat, and wasn't done for the night. Neither was Kurt, who celebrated earning his spot in the TNA Hall of Fame by delivering an impassioned speech expressing his concern over TNA's future should Sting lose in the main event.

Joe was also fired up to be in the Stinger's corner, and got himself warmed up for the main event by choking out the British Boot Camp winner.

Tag champs The Bro-Mans got some time to heel it up in the ring, but when their hashtag humor put Eric Young and Joseph Park in its crosshairs, the monster Abyss came out to shut them down. EY could barely contain Park's "brother" and narrowly avoided a chokeslam.

Finally, several run-ins by faces and heels marked what may turn out to be Sting's last match on Impact. Angle and Joe couldn't overcome the combined forces of Dixie - her nephew Ethan, Spud, The Bro-Mans and especially Roode. And after several referees, the Icon couldn't overcome the champ.


The UK tour hits the US air waves with tonight's show from Glasgow!

The new investor will be revealed! Could it be the highest-priced free agent in the history of Smackdown? Will his debut be preceded and/or followed by twenty minutes of Carter family promo? Of course! But maybe we can forgive it if we ever get to see The Wolves in action.

So long, Sting? TNA is promising exclusive backstage footage of the company's other Hall of Famer on his way out the door last week.

And Eric Young will attempt to channel Abyss rage in the direction of the tag champs. Will the odd couple be able to co-exist, and possibly even take the belts away from Jessie Godderz, Robbie E and their DJ Zema Ion?

Expect to pop for:

Something new. Whoever the new investor turns out to be, this is not going to be some groundbreaking storyline.

But as opposed to the last few times we've done faction warfare in TNA, it looks like the groups may be made up of guys who still have a future in pro wrestling - instead of guys that are living off past glories.

Instead of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff bringing in Rob Van Dam, or Bully Ray revealing Devon and "WWE's Mike Knox", this time we're getting Edwards and Richards. Even the established stars being featured are guys who have been kept below friends of Hogan or Dixie's expensive acquisitions. It seems strange to say about World champion Magnus, or the longest-reigning champ in TNA history Roode, or Samoa Joe. But these men have been mid-carders for large parts of their careers due to the Main Event Mafia iterations.

Even the rumored leader of the babyface faction is someone who can still go in the ring, instead of guys we're embarrassed (or scared) for when they try to perform.

The mystery investor probably won't lead to a renaissance for pro wrestling, or even for Impact Wrestling. But at this point, some good non-cringe inducing television would go down just fine.

The heat is on:

Madison Rayne. Look! The tag champs will be on television two weeks in a row. Now someone put out an all points bulletin for the Knockouts champ. Heck, see if you can find the whole division while you're looking.

TNA's quest for a well-rounded, well-paced two hour show heads across the pond - are you following them?

Talk about the newcomers to Impact, or the mainstays you're hoping to see more of, in the comments below. Then come back for tonight's live blog!