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The Shield have not broken up, despite result from Royal Rumble 2014

They're still together, and they're still the bestest of friends!

Krystal Bogner via Wikimedia Commons

For those of you out there wondering if The Shield have broken up, or are at the very least showing increased signs of it after Roman Reigns threw both Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins out of the Royal Rumble last night (Sun., Jan. 26, 2014) in Pittsburgh, the answer is no.

They're still together and they're still best friends.

That's the word from Dean Ambrose, at least, and naturally he's got an awesome explanation for it:

"Of course we're still together. They're still selling Shield merchandise. We're still together, and we're still best friends. Wild stuff happens. Nothing good happens after midnight, nothing good happens in the Royal Rumble. You know, wild stuff happens, you know, so maybe just get off my back a little bit about it."

The Shield were dominant in the Rumble, with each member lasting at least 33 minutes in the 55 minute match and comprising three of the top four in survival times. Rollins came within just under one minute of being the match's Iron Man while Reigns broke the record for most eliminations in a single Rumble (check out a few of the better ones in GIF form here).

Will they be together by this time next month? We shall see.

Here's the rest of the interview conducted with Ambrose and Rollins:

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