The Royal Rumble That Will Live in Infamy

If you were not aware, the Royal Rumble was a thing that happened last night. And boy did it start off with fireworks. After the New Age Outlaws took care of business in the pre-show Tag Team Championship match against the Rhodes Brothers, we had a hell of a match. Bray Wyatt vs. Daniel Bryan.

Do you like hot crowds? That match had it. Awesome spots? Check. Storytelling? It was right up your alley. Biting? Actual biting? Sure, let's throw some of that in as well! The match ended with two, brutal Sister Abigails. Bray Wyatt launched Daniel Bryan head first into the barrier with the initial one and the end result was perhaps the best opening match to a Pay-Per-View in history. I'm certainly not qualified to judge that, but maybe this man is:

What could possibly follow that, you ask? Brock Lesnar is usually up for the task. And in his match against the Big Show, he proved once again that he likes hurting people. That's all you need to know about good ol' Brock Lesnar; he does not "need" a chair to hurt you, but it helps so you'd better believe he is going to use it.

Bray Wyatt finally gave the crowd something to care about in the Cena/Orton match. Boy, you would think those unified championships would do that, eh? But it seems the buzzards have left Daniel Bryan and have moved on to John Cena.

Let us just glaze over the fact that the crowd was chanting silly things all throughout this match, okay? Let us forget that the WWE's prominent storyline was a bust. Let's forget that the this match has been done the world over. Admittedly, it was a solid match. Nothing special, but certainly not bad. Instead, let's just remember why people bought this Pay-Per-View, hmm? The Royal Rumble.

Ahh...the potential. The company has so many rising stars. Roman Reigns. Big E Langston. Bray Wyatt. Dean Ambrose...a guy named Daniel Bryan.

It was a great match for nearly its entirety. Kane made an early appearance is dress slacks, hell-bent on ruining CM Punk. But Punk survived. Dolph Ziggler returned, everyone! He charged down the ring as cheers reigned down upon him. He was, however, not long for this particular Royal Rumble.

The Shield was dominant, particularly Roman Reigns. Reigns went on to break Kane's elimination record with twelve of his own. Goldust eliminated his brother, Cody Rhodes. Kevin Nash and JBL made their cameos and Sheamus made his long-awaited(?)return and Alexander Rusev made his debut. Kofi Kingston pulled off another miracle to stave off elimination and Antonio Cesaro did his thing. Fandangoing returned in a big way...until El Torito eliminated him. God dammit, WWE.

But ultimately, this Royal Rumble will be remembered in distaste. Severe contempt, actually. Why?




3...2...1...Alberto Del Rio.




3...2...1...Big E Langston.


3...2...1...Rey Mysterio.

No shirt. No shoes. No beard. Moving on.

It's mind boggling, really. Daniel Bryan was left out of the Royal Rumble altogether. Despite all of the chants throughout the ENTIRE night. Why cheer for Orton or Cena when you can scream for Daniel Bryan, after all?

It all feels like a waste. This Pay-Per-View started with such potential and the actual Rumble itself was excellent.

But the WWE does not listen, apparently. The night started with a bang and a budding star, but ended with the same crowd. Ladies and gentlemen, the main event of WrestleMania XXX is going to get the same treatment as Cena/Orton tonight. The Royal Rumble ended in infamy. And what a shame that is.

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