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Mick Foley will destroy his television if Daniel Bryan doesn't win The Royal Rumble

With a brick he bought for just such an occasion.

Mick Foley will (Dude) love one outcome from tonight's thirty man over-the-top rope elimination match, but he will go Catcus Jack on his television if it goes any other way.

He made that promise earlier today on his Facebook page:


With the exception of Mania, this is the most wonderful day of the year for this wrestling fan. The Rumble match ALWAYS delivers - with plenty of drama, some humorous moments, and a couple of crowd-pleasing surprises each year. Like many of you, I'm hoping for an entry from Jake the Snake this year.

This year's Rumble takes on an added dimension however. This year's winner doesn't get to choose his opponent, and become a participant in ONE of the main event matches at Wrestlemania; he becomes a participant in THE main event at Wrestlemania.

There is another added dimension to this year's Rumble as well. In no other year that I can remember has there been such a groundswell of good-will towards one particular participant. I still have that brick - that nice, new, red brick - I purchased just for the Rumble (it's right here beside me) and if DANIEL BRYAN doesn't win this Rumble, I'm going to take that nice, new, red brick...and throw it through my television set.

I don't expect you guys to take out your frustration on an innocent television set, but I do think there will be an AWFUL lot of AWFULLY disappointed WWE fans leaving the building tonight in Pittsburgh, and turning off their televisions around the world.

I like my TV. Here's hoping that the nice, new, red brick I bought will never need to serve its purpose.

Gotta say, if I could afford a new TV (or a new brick), I'd be with him.