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Hi, My Name is: Week in Review

Let's take a look back at all the Cageside Evaluations you fine readers have delivered in the past week in "Hi, My Name is", including a look at the likes of JBL, Teddy Long, Kurt Angle, Mickie James, Sting, and The Rock.

Happy Royal Rumble Day Cagesiders! If Batista wins, we riot via angry comments? You damn right!

1/20/14 - The Rock (evaluation) - Updated poll average score: 4.5

Best Comments by: chazerize

1/21/14 - Sting (evaluation) - Updated poll average score: 4

Best Comments by: ReverendKain and TheLongGoodbye

1/22/14 - Mickie James (evaluation) - Updated poll average score: 4.2

Best Comments by: Hollywood J Blaq and Hand Young

1/23/14 - Kurt Angle (evaluation) - Updated poll average score: 4.4

Best Comments by: BIGPALE and jpspaid

1/24/14 - Teddy Long (evaluation) - Updated poll average score: 3.1

Best Comments by: Eric B. Stephen and *Asterisk*

1/25/14 - JBL (evaluation) - Updated poll average score: 3.2

Best Comments by: gravydeath and treble1313


Most Rec (with .gif or picture) comment: MrSnrub151 (Rock shuts him down - 23 Recs)

Most Rec comment: Sean Rueter (In response to a poorly worded review of The Rock's movie, Tooth Fairy) - "1) “Gay” isn’t an insult 2) Tooth Fairy was awesome. Not as good as Game Plan, but a lot of fun. His willingness to make those movies is also emblematic of what I love about the guy – if he believes (or his bosses can make a case) that something will entertain fans, he will not only do it, but give it his all – regardless of how slight or silly it seems to critics. (15 Recs)

Best Evening Comment: TomReagan (On Sting) - "The NWA, early WCW/colorful facepaint/Venice Beach/chest battering/YEAH screaming/Flair hating/bleached flat-top wearing/Muta feuding dynamo. His energy was always top of the line, he gave good promos to the ears of 12 year olds, and he was the WCW’s answer to the Hogan ideal of always doing the right thing and being the good guy. Heck, he was even from the Hulk’s hometown."


If you see anything in the previous posts that you want to further discuss or that wasn't discussed at all, please leave them in the comments below, so more people will see and respond to them.

Thanks Cagesiders, next week should be fun, we will be evaluating a lot of your requests!

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