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WWE Royal Rumble 2014 results, live match coverage tonight (Jan. 26) from Pittsburgh

Get complete results and live coverage of every bout on tonight's (Jan. 26, 2013) WWE "Royal Rumble" pay-per-view (PPV) event from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, featuring Randy Orton vs. John Cena for the WWE world heavyweight championship and much more!

WWE Royal Rumble is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., Jan. 26, 2014) from the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at 8 p.m. ET, live on pay-per-view (PPV). will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Royal Rumble below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show will feature the most exciting match in all of professional wrestling, the 30-man over the top rope battle royal with a shot at the WWE world heavyweight championship at WrestleMania 30 on the line. The winner will, presumably, face the winner of the Randy Orton vs. John Cena match also scheduled for tonight's event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!



Batista wins the Royal Rumble
Randy Orton def. John Cena
Brock Lesnar def. Big Show
Bray Wyatt def. Daniel Bryan
New Age Outlows def. Cody Rhodes & Goldust



Rex here. Let's mark out with our snark out.

Coverage will begin from the bottom, so scroll down for the first bout on the card and back up as the night goes along.


Royal Rumble

Entrant 1: CM Punk

Entrant 2: Seth Rollins

This is a hell of a way to get things kicked off.

Punk opens up with a tackle into the corner but Rollins turns things around with some punches and he tries to toss Punk out.  Punk comes out firing with some elbows and kicks.

Punk goes for the GTS but Rollins escapes and hits a brutal kick.  Punk returns the favor.

Entrant 3: Danien Sandow

Sandow hits the ring and goes straight for an elimination on Punk, but Punk uses some axe kicks to save himself.  Sandow and Rollins try to double team Punk but he ends up hitting a neckbreaker-ddt combo on them.

Punk tries to toss Rollins but fails and Sandow attacks Punk from behind.

Entrant 4: Cody Rhodes

Rhodes goes straight after Sandow with a series of punches and the Cross Rhodes!  Rhodes tries to follow up but Rollisn attacks him from behind.  Rhodes tries to eliminate Rollins as Punk sends Sandow out.

Damien Sandow eliminated.

Rollins escape Rhodes clutches and goes after him with some punches.  Punk and Rhodes working together now to try and eliminate Rollins.  He is dangling over the top as Kane's music hits

Entrant 5: Kane

Kane rocking the suit pants as he takes off his button up shirt as he hits the ring.  Kane going straight after Punk with some kicks and headbutts.

Kane with a big splash in the corner and he goes for the chokeslam but Punk hits a headkick and eliminate Kane.

Kane eliminated.

Entrant 6: Alexander Rusev

Rusev comes in and bashes everyone around.  He tosses Rollins and Rhodes for close eliminations.  Rusev with some knees to Punk and then a hellacious Samoan Drop.

Rollins hanging on for dear life with a sleeper on Rusev.

Entrant 7: Jack Swagger

Swaggie Time!

He hits a quick Swagger Bomb on Rollins and Rhodes as Rusev stomps on Punk in the corner.

Swagger and Rusev start trading haymakers.  Rusev just destroys Swagger and then hits a big splash on him.

He goes for the elimination but Rollins takes out his leg.  Rollins, Rhodes, Swagger with a triple stomp attack before Swagger turns on Rhodes.

Entrant 8: Kofi Kingston

Punk catches Swagger with a head kick as Kingston goes after Rusev.

Axe handle off the turnbuckle from Rollins to Kingston.

Punk and Rollins almost eliminated by Rollins as Kingston and Rhodes work on Rusev.

Entrant 9: Jimmy Uso

Uso with a full nelson slam on Rollins and then he goes to town on Kingston with punches.

Uso with kicks to Punk as Swagger hits some shoulders in the corner to Rusev.

Punk hanging on with a sleeper hold on Rusev now.

Rhodes narrowly dodges elimination.

Entrant 10: Goldust

Goldust with some clotheslines, atomic drops, and a scoop slam before Rusev lays him out.

Rhodes and Rollins try to work together on Rusev but they quickly turn on each other before working again together with Kingston and Punk to eliminate Rusev.  After a struggle for the four men they eliminate Rusev.

Rsuev eliminated.

Punk tosses Kingston into the hands of Rusev and Rusev puts him on the barricade as he hits a series of knees.

Kingston recovers and balances himself on the barrier.  He runs on the barrier and makes the jump to the apron for the save!

Entrant 11: Dean Ambrose

Ambrose goes straight for Kingston and Punk.

Rhodes Bros working on tossing Swagger but he some how survives as other go after the Rhodes bros.

Ambrose with a flurry of punches to Punk as Swagger puts Goldust on the apron.

Goldust with a big right hand to Ambrose as Rollins fights off Jimmy and Rhodes

Entrant 12: Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler with a missile dropkick and then a big splash to Ambrose.

Rollins saves Ambrose from the assault and they nearly elimnate the Show Off but Goldust makes the save.

Punk and Kingston have Swagger over the rope but they quickly turn on each other.

Rhodes thinks he has Ambrose eliminated but he only landed on the apron.

Entrant 13: R-Truth

Ambrose and Rollins quickly stomp a mudhole in Truth.

Ziggler tries to eliminate Rhodes as Ambrose tosses Truth.

Truth eliminated.

Uso goes up top but Rollin with a hellacious kick and Ambrose shoves Uso off.

Jimmy Uso eliminated.

Kingston tossed by Swagger but he hooks his toes on the bottom rope to make the save.

Entrant 14: Kevin Nash

Nash quickly eliminates Swagger and then sets his eyes on the Shield.

He throws a series of strikes at both men and then hits a big boot to Ziggler.

Ambrose barely escapes elimination from Nash as his partner hits the ring

Entrant 15: Roman Reigns

Rollins is hanging on for dear life so Reigns hits a dropkick onto the apron to save him.

Reigns with a spear to Rhodes and then he ragdolls Kingston out of the match.

Kingston eliminated.

Ziggler with a DDT to Reigns but Reigns fights back and hits a spear.  He then tosses Ziggler for the elimination.

Ziggler eliminated.

Nash charges at Reigns but Reigns pulls the rope down for the eliminated.

Kevin Nash eliminated.

Entrant 16: Great Khali

Shield charges him but gets laid out by chops.

Reigns with a Superman Punch to Khali and then they toss Khali.

Goldust eliminates Rhodes!

Cody Rhodes eliminated.

Reigsn then eliminates Goldust!

Goldust eliminated.

Entrant 17: Sheamus

Sheamus hits the ring and saves Punk from a Shield assault.

Forearms to Ambrose, Irish curse backbreaker to Rollins, and the Brogue Kick to Reigns.

Sheamus tries to toss Reigns but the Shield swarms him and stomps him down.

Entrant 18: Miz

Miz tries to toss Ambrose but Ambrose save himself and fights back for revenge.

Reigns starts to work on Miz as Ambrose saves Rollins from Sheamus.

Miz with a series of punches to Reigns in the corner as Rollins and Ambrose try to eliminate Sheamus.

Sheamus barely hangs on as the next entrance hits.

Entrant 19: Fandango

Fandango with a big kick to Miz and then he tries to toss him but fails.

The two are trading near eliminations now as Sheamus and Ambrose join the party.

Everyoen brawling as the next entrant hits.

Entrant 20: El Torito!!!!!

El Torito with a big huricarana to Rollisn and then a springboard splash to Miz.

Punk looks on with bemusement as Torito calls him out.

Punk holds him back with one arm as Torito swing away.  Punks makes fun of him before eating a hurricarana from Torito.

Fandango lays him out and goes for a gorilla press but Torito counter with an elimination.

Fandango eliminated.

He goes for a splash on Reigns but Reigns catches him and tosses him to the outside for the elimination.

El Torito eliminated.

Entrant 21: Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro goes straight for the Miz and hits the big Swing on Miz.

Cesaro lays out Ambrose

Cesaro with the Big Swing on Rollins for 50 rotations as Harper hits the ring.

Entrant 22: Luke Harper

Harper and Punk start trading punches as Ambrose nearly eliminates Sheamus.

Cesaro and Rollisn trading uppercuts and chops as Harper goes after Punk.

Harper quickly shifts focus to Ambrose in the corner.

Cesaro with a near elimination on Rollins.

Entrant 23: Jey Uso

Ambrose comes in to save Reigns from a Sheamus elimination attempt but eats some forearms for his trouble.

Cesaro and Harper start trading blows.  I'm marking out.  Put them in a cage.

It's jsut a mass of bodies brawling right now.

Entrant 24: JBL

JBL enters but takes off his jacket to give to Cole after he enters and gets eliminated by Reigns.

Cesaro with a running uppercut to Rollins in the corner as Sheamus tries to eliminate Ambrose.

Punk nearly dumps Cesaro from the ring.

Entrant 25: Erik Rowan

Rowan goes straight for Miz who was attacking Harper.

Harper tosses Miz but he survives on the apron until Harper eliminates him with a lariat.

Miz eliminated.

The Wyatt Family tosses Uso to the apron and then Harper with a big boot for the elimination.

Jey Uso eliminated.

Wyatts and Shield stare each other down before they start brawling.

Entrant 26: Ryback

Ryback nearly tosses Rollisn and Sheamus but they make it back through the ropes.

Cesaro and Sheamus trade uppercuts and forearms.

It's a mess in there as people are flying around and brawling with quick trade offs.

Entrant 27: Alberto Del Rio

Ryback nearly eliminate ADR as Harper tries to eliminate Ambrose and Rollins tries for Punk.

Cesaro with a power slam to Rollins.

Rowan with forearms to everyone in sight.

Entrant 28: Batista

Batista comes in and starts laying out people left and right with clothesline.  He's getting some boos.

Knees to Rowan and then he tosses him.

Erik Rowan eliminated.

Batista-Ryback staredown.  Ryback gets the early advantage but gets tossed when he charges.

Ryback eliminated.

Del Rio with a superkick to Batista as Sheamus tries to eliminate Punk.

ADR tries for the arm bar but Batista stand him up mid attempt and tosses him.

ADR eliminated.

Entrant 29: Big E Langston

Langston with an early slam on Batista and then a series of backbreakers to Sheamus.

He tries to toss Sheamus but Sheamus fights his way back in.

Langston and Sheamus trading blows now.  Cesaro and Puynks trading blows

Entrant 30: Rey Mysterio

Mysterio gets boos because he isn't Bryan.

Mysteriop with a hurricarana to Rollins.

Rollins and Mysterio nearly eliminate each other.

He goes up top for a seated senton to Punk.

Crowd chanting for Daniel Bryan.

Punk and Mysterio both jsut dodge elimination.

Langston and Sheamus continue to trade blows and Sheamus gets the elimination.

Big E Langston eliminated.

Cesaro and Harper trading uppercuts and now Cesaro is uppercuting everyone in sight.

Rollins tosses Mysterio to the apron and kicks him hard when he triesto springboard back in.  It sends Mysterio to the floor.

Rey Mysterio eliminated.

Reigns eliminates Harper with a superman punch and Ambrose tries to eliminate Reigns!

Harper eliminated.

Rollins peels Ambrose off him.  Cesaro tries to take advantage by eliminating them both.  Reigns eliminates all three to tie Kane's record!

Cesaro eliminated

Ambrose eliminated

Rollins eliminated

As Reigns yells at his comrades he turns aroudn into a Batista spinbusted.

Kane sneaks out from the crowd and elimnates Punk!

CM Punk eliminated.

Kane goes to town on Punk and then chokeslams him through the Spanish Announcer's Table.

Batista and Sheamus hossing it up no.

Reigns goes for a spear but Batista coutners with a power slam.

Crowd chanting NO! NO! NO!

Sheamus with a whtie noise.

As Sheamus pounds his chest the crowd chants now.

He goes for the Brogue Kick on Batista but Batista dodges.

Batista Bomb attempt fails and he tries to toss Sheamus but Reigns finishes it off for the record!

Batista tries to toss Reigns but Reigns saves himself.

Reigns and Batista stare each other down.

Batistia with the opening salvo and they begin to trade blows.

Reigns explodes with a viscious clotheslines and readies the Superman Punch.

Crowd start chanting for Reigns now.

Reigns goes for the superman punch but Batista spears him to major boos.

As Batista celebrates Reigns taunts him and eats a spear from Reigns!

Reigns with a big flex as the crowd cheers him on.

He tries to follow up but Reigns sends him out to win the Rumble.

Roman Reigns eliminated.

Batista wins the Royal Rumble

Shower of boos upon Batista


Randy Orton vs. John Cena

Result: Orton wins by pinfall


  • Orton opens up with a side headlock and Cena scissors his way out.  They hold off for the dueling Cena chants.
  • Lots of Daniel Bryan chants as Orton hits another side headlock.  Cena fights out with a series of punches and a powerslam.  He charges Orton but eats an uppercut.  Orton with a suplex.
  • The crowd is going into full on troll mode now as Orton hits a series of heabutts.  Orton sends Cena to the outside and puts him into the barrier.
  • Orton with a suplex back into the ring and then he works a chin lock.
  • So far the crowd has chanted for Bryan, Angle, Savage, Goldberg, Y2J
  • Cena takes back control and sends Orton to the outside.  He tries to whip him into the stairs but Orton counters and puts Cena into the steps before tossing him back in.
  • Orton starts to get into it with the crowd and Cena tries to take advantage but Orton quickly counters with a viscious DDT.
  • Orton starts posing on the turnbuckle to taunt the crowd and Cena hits an electric chair.  Cena with some shoulder blocks and a powerslam.  He goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Orton with a kick to the head.
  • Orton tries to take advantage put Cena lays him out again and goes up top.  Orton crotches him and meets him up there.  The two fighting for control and Cena knocks Orton off with some headbutts.  Cena with a top rope leg drop to the back of Orton's head for a two count.
  • Orton with a backbreaker and goes for the draping DDT but Cena sends him to the outside.  Cena tries to follow up on the outside but Orton counters with a DDT.  Orton tosses Cena back into the ring and covers him up for two.
  • Orton taunting the crowd as he sticks out his ear for them.  Orton readies the RKO but Cena is able to sneak in an STF!  Orton makes his way to the bottom rope.
  • Orton goes for a lariat but Cena counters with a powerslam and hits the five knuckle shuffle.  He goes for the AA but Orton gets hold of the rope but the ref gets knocked out in the struggle.  Cena with the STF and Orton taps out but the ref doesn't see it.
  • Cena goes to try and wake the ref up when Orton takes hold of the title and nails Cena with it.  A doctor finally gets the ref awake to give Orton a two count on his pin attempt.
  • This is awful chant from the crowd as Orton taunts them some more.
  • Cena takes advatange and hits an AA for the nearfall.
  • Cena tries to follow up but eats an RKO for a two count.
  • Crowd chants for the divas so Orton hits his patented pose at them.
  • Orton goes for the punt but misses!
  • Cena with an AA attempt but Orton counters into an STF!
  • Cena counters it into a crossface but Orton rolls it into a pin attempt for two.
  • Orton hits the AA for a nearfall.
  • Cena with an RKO now for a two count.
  • Cena goes for an AA off the top rope but Orton escapes so Cena hits a tornado DDT
  • Cena with the STF but the lights go out!
  • The Wyatts are surronding the ring!
  • Orton takes advantage and htis the RKO for the win.
  • After Orton leaves the ring Rowan picks up Cena for Harper to hit the big boot.  Rowan punching him in the corner.  Harper whips Rowan for a splash and then he follows it up with a hellacious lariat.
  • Wyatt with the Sister Abigail as he shots "Behold the creator of the new world"
  • Crowd chants Yes!


Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show

Result: Brock Lesnar wins by pinfall


  • Before the bell is rung, Lesnar charges in and lays out Show with a chair.  He just keeps going to down with the chair.  The ref can't do anything because the match hasn't started yet.  After a quick pause, Lesnar just keeps going to town with some stomps and then the chairs again. Lesnar starts to yell at the ref to start the match.
  • The ref finally takes Lesnar's chair and ditches it.  He doesn't see Heyman hand him another chair and finally starts the match.  Lesnar goes charging in with the chair but Big Show lands the WMD.  Lesnar rolls out of the ring and Big Show follows him out and tosses him around a bit.
  • Big Show tosses Lesnar back into the ring and calls him a Son of a Bitch to the crowds approval.  Big Show goes for the WMD again but Lesnar picks him up and runs around the ring with him before hitting the F5 that gets the pinfall.
  • Lesnar gets hold of a chair again and give a few more whacks to the Big Show.  Show rolls to the outside and Lesnar just continues to go to town with the chair.  The first chair gets too mangled so he gets another one and just keeps going up.  I've lost count of how many chairshots he's given Show.
  • Lesnar finally decides that he is done with it and heads to the back.


Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt

Result: Bray Wyatt wins by pinfall


  • Bryan and Wyatt with a long staredown before Wyatt finally charges in.  The two brawl with each other before Wyatt levels Bryan with a shoulder block.  He follows up with a series of stomps.
  • Bryan makes a comeback with some punches and a knee.  The crowd is super hot.  Harper with a distraction that let's Wyatt get the advantage back.
  • Bryan with a suicide dive to Harper and Rowan comes over.  The ref warns him off and then decides to kick them both out.  Wyatt tells them they don't need them to fight this war for him.
  • As they head to the back Bryan hits a splash off the top rope to Wyatt.  He tosses Wyatt back into the ring and hits a series of kicks but when he goes up top again, Wyatt chops him so hard Bryan goes tumbling to the outside.
  • Wyatt charges Bryan but Bryan counters and puts Wyatt into the steel steps.  Wyatt selling the left leg big time as Bryan chops it out from underneath Bray as he gets back into the ring.  Kick to a downed Wyatt and then some uppercuts.
  • Bryan works a Dragon Screw!  Wyatt comes up with fire and punches his way into control but Bryan quickly fires back with kicks to the bad leg.  Bryan ties up the leg in the ropes and hits a running dropkick to the leg.
  • Bryan and Wyatt trade suplex attempts on the apron.  Wyatt gets Bryan over but Bryan lands on the apron and they start to trade blows on the apron.  Wyatt with something similar to an old school to send Bryan off the apron.
  • Wyatt takes the action back into the ring and works a chinlock.  Bryan fights out and when he gains a head of steam Wyatt sends him to the outside.  He wedges Bryan's head up against the ringpost and just goes to town with a series of elbows.  Wow that was brutal looking.  Senton from Wyatt on the outside before he sends Bryan back into the ring.
  • Wyatt slingshots Bryan's neck into the second rope and follows it up with a neck crank.  Bryan fights out but his head of steam is once again cut short by a Wyatt Rock Bottom.  Wyatt with his crab walk towards Bryan before he flips back around and lands a kick.
  • Wyatt goes for a senton but Bryan rolls out of the way and then goes to town with kicks.  Drop toe hold by Bryan that sends Wyatt into the turnbuckle.  Bryan sets Wyatt up on the turnbuckle and hits a hurricarana!  Only nets a two count.
  • Bryan charging hard between the ropes and Wyatt just lays him out with a quick shoulder tackle.  Wyatt with a suplex but Bryan is able to recover quickly and sends Wyatt to the outside.  Bryan with a tornado DDT off the aprong and then a running dropkick into the barrier.  Damn!
  • Bryan tosses Wyatt back in and then hits a missile dropkick off the top rope.  He goes for the running knee but Wyatt counters with a hellacious lariat that sends Bryan spinning.  Holy Shit!  Two count for Wyatt.
  • Wyatt goes for Sister Abigail but Bryan counters with a roll up for two.  Bryan locks in the Yes! Lock but Wyatt bites Bryan to escape.
  • Wyatt sets up Bryan on the top rope but Bryan punches him off and then hits a headbutt/splash.  Bryan overshot it.  Bryan goes for the running knee but Wyatt rolls to the outside.  Bryan with two dropkicks using the ropes to spring him back in.  He goes for the suicide dive but Wyatt counters with a Sister Abigail into the barrier!  HOLY SHIT!
  • Wyatt tosses Bryan back in and hits the Sister Abigail again to get the pin.
  • Hell of a match.  Star making performance for Wyatt.


Thanks for reading!

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