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Mickie James' Cageside Evaluation

Her name is Mickie James and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about The Former's Women's Champ. Here's the full evaluation.

Lee Burton on Wikimedia Commons

Whew, getting to this one a little late, that's my bad! Okay, right to the good stuff!

  1. Gimmicks - It's tough enough to have one good gimmick in this business. Mickie was able to go from crazy stalker, to super face, to country diva and do a fantastic job with each one!
  2. Strong Back - She was able to carry the Women's Division once Lita and Trish moved on from wrestling. It's a tough task, but she kept that division respectable for a few more years.
  3. Worker - She's always put on solid matches, and it's great the WWE has her training future Divas to show them the tricks of the trade.
  4. Mic - I almost think she was better on the mic than in the ring. Those promos she would cut on Trish and more recently in TNA were gold. I didn't even follow TNA, but I always looked to see what she did in their shows!
  5. Looks - I mean this is pretty obvious, she's smokin' hot. She's not rail thin like most of the Divas, but isn't a muscle-head either. Just wonderful curves to go with that oh so pretty/naughty/crazy/diva face.

Favorite comment goes to Hollywood J Blaq"It’s MICKIE FRICKIN’ JAMES!!! Last of a dying breed of women who actually progressed women’s wrestling. After Trish and Lita retired, you didn’t sweat it because Mickie was queen of the mountain at the time. She can cut promos better than most. Her in-ring skill was top notch. Excellent as either a face or a heel. And my god she is a beauty. And her freaky deaky photoshoot from back in the day."



Now to the bad stuff...

  1. Piggy James - This was unfortunately near the end of her WWE run. A stupid feud that joked about her weight (weight was fine btw...) and that was pretty much it! She deserved better, but that's wrestling for ya!
  2. Not on TV - The downside of her being a trainer is that she's not currently on TV. Hopefully at some point Mickie will show up on NXT. Seems like an easy storyline, student vs. mentor!
  3. Cena Problems - A possible reason for the whole Piggy James storyline and eventual release was her relationship with Cena. She was engaged at the time and was with also fooling around with Super-Cena. Sounds like a bad decision that her hurt both personally and professionally.

Favorite comment will go to Hand Young - "That John Cena railroaded her career. That she’s not WWE TV and so many untalented Divas are." I partly had to give it to them because of their great name!

Lastly, the poll! With 128 votes, Ms. James' average score is 4.1. Not bad, overall a fair score, believe it's the second highest of all the women we've done so far.

That's it for me Cagesiders, tomorrow will be a King of the Ring winner!

Until then!

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