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Nikki Bella's Cageside Evaluation

Her name is Nikki Bella, and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about the "Total Divas" star. Here's the full evaluation.

Gregory Davis via Wikimedia Commons

On this wonderful snowy day, Nikki Bella was our topic of conversation. Let's see what you guys thought of her! Starting with the good stuff...

  1. Good Lookin' - Putting everything aside, she's a good looking woman! Thanks to her recent additions and added muscle/weight, Nikki is trying to stand out from her twin. Easy #1 choice from you guys.
  2. "Trying" To Improve - I say "trying" barbecue the effort is there for the most part, but she hasn't really gotten that much better. Part of this is due to her injury that kept Nikki out for months. She still gets a thumbs up for working at her craft.
  3. Power-Set - Being the thicker twin, she's adjusted her move-set and even added a torture rack to take out her opponents! Hopefully she can keep working on this, I like the thought of a power twin and an agile twin.
  4. Charisma - In both "Total Divas" and as her in-ring character she definitely has some charisma that could help take her to the next level.
  5. Torture Rack - As mentioned before she added this power move to her set. It's a great way to separate herself from Brie and carve herself into a power Diva. Right now there aren't many on the main roster (Tamina/Natalya).

My favorite comment goes to JamCap - "Brie has a slight advantage over Nikki in terms of wrestling skill, but Nikki definitely has all of the charisma. Also I know she probably wouldn’t want to, but they should start booking her as a powerhouse like Tamina, she has pretty much changed her moveset to one so why not make that her thing. She would probably be in denial about being the “big” twin, but hey she’s thick. It’s nothing wrong with that in my book."



Now to the bad stuff...Just a quick note, "everything" made the cut (#3), but I wanted to pick specific qualities that people mentioned.

  1. Character - Much like her sister she really doesn't have much of a gimmick aside from being catty and yelling a ton. Hopefully Creative can give her more depth in the future, but odds are they won't!
  2. Voice - Speaking of yelling, her voice sucks too. Nikki is as bad as Stephanie McMahon when she would go on a yelling tirade back in the day, ugh, please stop...
  3. Wrestling Ability - While she is improving, she's still terrible in the ring. Nikki's injury slowed her progress for sure.
  4. Dating Superman - We all knew this one would make its way into the loathe section. Cena seems like a good guy in real life, but it's friggin' Cena! Ahh!
  5. Plastic-y - She ruined twin magic with her additions, boo! Some of you guys prefer real over fake.

Favorite comment belongs to blake.cover - "Loathe: Pretty much everything. Considering that I don’t think highly of her sister who is a much, much better performer… I can’t express how I dislike this woman. She doesn’t show much ability in the ring or on the mic. Her screeches almost cause blood to flow from my ears. The Cena-association doesn’t help either."

Last, but not least, dat poll! With 143 votes, Ms. Bella's average score is 2.6. Brie scored slightly higher (2.9), but today the trolls came out with all those 5 votes...

Great stuff, Cagesiders. Tomorrow we will be looking at a Real American!

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