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Damien Sandow's Cageside Evaluation

His name is Damien Sandow, and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about 'The Intellectual Savior'. Here's the full evaluation.

It's Sandow time!

He probably would be so offended by that intro, but that's all I got Damien, deal with it! Let's get on the good foot!

  1. Character - Talk about commitment, whether it's on WWE TV or not, he's always in character. It takes a talent to stick to something 24/7. It's different than a Stone Cold where he naturally has an attitude and drinks beers. I doubt Damien Sandow, the person, is like his character so he always has to be on his heels when around others.
  2. Promos - He is probably top 5 in promos on the main roster, and I have absolutely no data to back that up! His charisma, mannerisms and awesome catchphrases like "You're Welcome" make for a great heel.
  3. True Heel - Speaking of heel, he is a wonderful throwback to the days when bad guys were bad. Entertaining, but ya hate the guy still, there's no back and forth with him, he's a heel through and through.
  4. Untapped Potential - He has a lot of the tools needed to become a star and still has a chance at this if pushed right. Hopefully WWE will give him another run soon, because he deserves better.
  5. Cartwheel - I mean who does a friggin' cartwheel in the ring! Then it got better with Cody's helpful hand, oh how I miss those two. I'm glad WWE kept them friends so maybe down the road they could reunite.

The most satisfactory comment du jour belongs in the hands of sun yue - "He’s a character in a landscape devoid of characters and he commits to it. From his promo work, to his methodical style, to the little quirks like the cartwheel and the way he holds the mic, he’s all about the character."



Yep Damien, it's time for the bad news.

  1. In-Ring Work - It's stale, bland, vanilla, boring, weak, limited, and doesn't really stay current with the gimmick. Some of you think he should be smarter in getting out of the usual holds, and figure out the best finisher possible.
  2. Recent Booking - Terrible MITB run, failed cash-in, then just nothing feuds for Damien. Now he's working with Khali, which is just bottom of the barre!. He hopefully will get another shot, I don't recall him doing anything really wrong to deserve such garbage back-and-forth booking.
  3. Too Many Finishers - On Wiki he has had 5 finisher since his developmental days. I mean figure it out, you guys don't even like his most current one!

That was pretty much it for negative trends of his, the only other one is his gimmick is not the most original, but he does do a fantastic job with it.

Most deserving comment of the day comes from the mind of Blueblob4life - "Booked like shit. Not really his fault per se, but it keeps him from breaking out and really having a presence. The Money in the Bank briefcase win was great but they should’ve let him hold on to it longer, especially with how he won it in such a dastardly way. His offense is rather weak and unconvincing at times, save for the Elbow of Disdain (so good), but he needs to get better at telling a story in the match. And for being such an educated character, you would think that he would’ve figured out the best finisher to use on his adversaries."

Checking out the poll with 121 votes, Mr. Sandow's score is 3.6. Solid score, he's surely above average, and hopefully will get into a worthy feud in the near future.

Thanks Cagesiders, tomorrow we will be checking out our second NXT talent!

Until then!

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