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Cageside Seats Greatest Entrance Theme Tournament: The Field of 64

After a five day nomination process, the field of 64 has been set for the Cageside Seats Greatest Entrance Theme Tournament. Come see which finishers made the cut!

Throughout the past couple days, you Cagesiders were asked to go about the arduous task of nominating the very best entrance themes in all of pro wrestling history. You were also asked to "rec" those nominations based on which you felt should make it in to the next Cageside Seats Pro Wrestling Tournament.

Well, now we have our Field of 64.

Here it is:

1. Break Down the Walls (Chris Jericho)
1. No Chance in Hell (Vince McMahon)
1. Cult of Personality (CM Punk)
1. Sexy Boy (Shawn Michaels)

2. Real American (Hulk Hogan)
2. Pomp and Circumstance (Macho Man Randy Savage)
2. Hell Frozen Over (Stone Cold Steve Austin)
2. Break It Down (D-Generation X)

3. Sprach Zarathustra (Ric Flair)
3. Some Bodies Gonna Get It (Mark Henry)
3. Next Big Thing (Brock Lesnar)
3. Here Comes the Money (Shane McMahon)

4. Medal (Kurt Angle)
4. Metalingus (Edge)
4. Voodoo Child (Hollywood Hogan)
4. Flight of the Valkyries (Daniel Bryan)

5. Live in Fear (Bray Wyatt)
5. Perfection (Mr. Perfect)
5. Line in the Sand (Evolution)
5. The Game (Triple H)

6. Oh You Didn't Know (New Age Outlaws)
6. Special Op (The Shield)
6. Funeral March (Undertaker)
6. Original (nWo)

7. Gold-lust (Goldust)
7. It's All About the Money (Ted DiBiase)
7. Invasion (Goldberg)
7. Ass Man (Billy Gunn)

8. This Fire Burns (CM Punk)
8. My Time (Triple H)
8. One of a Kind (RVD)
8. I Walk Alone (Batista)

9. Bad Guy (Razor Ramon)
9. At Last (Christian)
9. Self High Five (Diamond Dallas Page)
9. Patriot (Real Americans)

10. Whatever (Chris Benoit)
10. The Final Countdown (Bryan Danielson)
10. Blood (Gangrel)
10. King of Kings (Triple H)

11. Here to Show the World (Dolph Ziggler)
11. Slow Chemical (Kane)
11. Ole! (El Generico)
11. Schizophrenic (Mankind)

12. Natural Born Killaz (New Jack)
12. Hollywood (The Rock)
12. We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal (Los Guerreros)
12. Unstable (Ultimate Warrior)

13. Enter Sandman (The Sandman)
13. Hot Rod (Rowdy Roddy Piper)
13. Aleluya De El Mesias (Damien Sandow)
13. ChaChaLaLa (Fandango)

14. Wolfpac (nWo)
14. Let's Light it Up (AJ Lee)
14. Demolition Daze (Demolition)
14. Real Man's Man (William Regal)

15. Hitman (Bret Hart)
15. Reborn (Curtis Axel)
15. Common Man Boogie (Dusty Rhodes)
15. Voices (Randy Orton)

16. Horsemen (Four Horsemen)
16. Rap Sheet (Booker T)
16. Crow (Sting)
16. Wreck (Mick Foley)

It should be noted that there were multiple versions of Undertaker's theme that were voted into the Field of 64. But sometimes you Cagesiders need to be saved from yourselves. So I left the original in there (thanks Asterisk!) and ditched all the others. This may or may not have been my way of making sure Sting's "Crow" theme made it in. It also gave us Foley's "Wreck" theme, so deal with it.

And there you have it, folks.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the announcement of, and the complete schedule for, all the first round match-ups. And no, they won't be in line with what you see here as this is in no particular order.

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